Sunday Sheep Ponderings – October 18, 2015


We will miss you our Sweet Belle…

(Picture taken 13 years ago)

Pondering on mountaintops and valleys this morning, which seems appropriate while enjoying a weekend in the mountains with my special people. As a mom of 5 older children, who have their own busy lives, the moments set aside to just to “be” with each other are very rare. Last night was one of those beautiful and highly treasured moments. Continue reading

Sunday Sheep Pondering – October 11, 2015


There are many symptoms of an illness. The symptoms…not feeling accepted, not feeling loved, self loathing, depression, insecurity, addiction, arrogance, judgement….fear! These are simply symptoms and not the source of the illness.
I believe this illness began in the garden, long before you or I became flesh. We were created for face to face relationship with God, our creator. He fashioned us and formed us in HIS image…we are NOT a mess up, a mistake, something that needed a makeover…we are “VERY GOOD”!!! You see, a beautiful sunset, a perfect rose, a family of dolphins dancing through the sea…He called all of them GOOD. But as for YOU, as for ME, as for ALL humanity…He said that we are VERY GOOD!

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