Sunday Sheep Ponderings – August 6, 2017

Pondering today on “unfolding”.
By nature, I am a tidy and organized person. I love creativity and order. So, of course, everything in my house is folded neatly and put away. Everything has a place and should be kept in its place. The problem is, I tried that same method in my understanding of spiritual things…and it didn’t work. Let me explain. 
I grew up in the south, in a very popular denomination of the Christian Church. We had Sunday “School”, Vacation Bible “School”, Ministry “School”. We were very good at teaching and my personality thrived in that environment. I wanted to know all the answers, tuck them away neatly and pull them out when they were needed. I’m not bragging but I was very proficient at being the “go to” girl on spiritual matters. 
But here’s the thing….spiritual matters are not neat and tidy. There are not clear and concise answers to all the questions. Just look at the THOUSANDS, yes thousands, of denominations within the Christian Church alone. 
I collect old quilts. My Nana was a Master Quilter. Some of my quilts are out on display, some are on beds, some are folded and tucked away. All are neat and in order. Every now and then, I get a quilt out from its place and I look at it. I “unfold” it, section by section. Examining the use of color, shapes, stitching. I see the tattered and torn pieces, the areas worn thin by years of use. Sometimes I can get too focused on the little details. As I “unfold” more of the quilt, a pattern begins to emerge, I begin to see the bigger picture. I begin to understand how all the seemingly unrelated pieces come together to create something very intentional and beautiful. 
So it is with my spiritual life. For many years I spent my time examining every little detail. I analyzed every color and shape. I knew the details of what type of stitch was used and how many stitches there were. I could answer every question you had on that area of the quilt. But the spiritual isn’t contained in one square of the quilt. It must be “unfolded” and looked at from a different perspective. The “unfolding” will inevitably lead to a new and greater understanding of the quilt. Things that may have looked one way through a small filter, will look far differently when “unfolded” and put in perspective of the full picture. 
So today, try “unfolding” another square. Try looking from a different angle. Try stepping back and taking in the grand design. 
You may discover new things. Your understanding may shift.
 Instead of Christianity being about a “Decision”, it may be about “DISCOVERY”. 
You may look and see that rather than being about “Requirements”, it may be about “REVELATION”. 
You may see that instead of being about “Choosing”, it may be about being “CHOSEN”. 
And you may step back and look at the beautiful, orderly creation and realize that instead of it being about what you “Do and Believe”, it’s all about what has already been “DONE”. 
Quilts can be beautiful works of art, filled with precise measurements and straight stitches BUT a quilt has one primary purpose….to cover you in warmth. And so it is with your Spiritual Life. You can attend a Church, read your Bible, serve others, debate theology, pray long and hard but your Spiritual Life has one primary purpose…to cover you in the LOVE of God. 
Happy Sunday my friends! Here’s to “unfolding” and snuggling up under the Love of the creator. 

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