Sunday Sheep Ponderings – May 28, 2017

Pondering today on transition. It’s only natural that I would have transition on the brain since the youngest of my five children graduated from high school yesterday. My husband and I are about to transition to “empty nesters”. The human story is full of these transitions. We transition from childhood to adulthood, student to employee, single to married, child to parent. In some cases we even transition back again. Each transition requires learning, growing, compromising and a flexibility to bend and stretch. 
This pondering led me to look at some of the big transitions in my own life. To take an honest look at how I adjusted to those transitions. Some I did with ease but most were a battle. 
My pondering has been especially reflective of my transition from “religious zealot” to “passionately loved”. At one time, I even thought those two were the same. 
Religion is a man made system. This system is fed entirely from “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil”. It is a system that is fueled by law. With my limited knowledge, I see that the major religions of the world have 3 common foundations.
1. SEPARATION. Divinity from Humanity. Humanity from Humanity.

2. JUDGEMENT. Right and Wrong. Good and Bad. Blessing and Punishment. 

3. WALLS. Us and Them. Believers and Non-Believers. Chosen and Damned. Found and Lost. Accepted and Rejected. Loved and Hated. Included and Excluded.
The heart of religion is law and judgement, and the god of religion is far away and hard to please. This god requires constant attention, sacrifice and fear. This god only loves a few. I WAS a “religious zealot”. I WAS full or judgment and arrogance. I WAS eating from the tree that leads to death. 
But then…TRANSITION occurred. 
Today, I AM “passionately loved”. Love is the opposite of religion. 
Love is a God made system. This system is fed entirely by “The Tree of Life”. It is a system fueled by grace. Its foundation is diametrically opposed to that of religion.
1. ONENESS. Divinity with Humanity. Humanity with Humanity. 

2. GRACE. For every person. For every background. For every culture. For every ignorance. For every mistake. For every misunderstanding. For every unknown. At every step of the human journey. 

3. ACCEPTANCE. Of ALL His creation. 
The heart of love is God. A God that requires nothing but gives everything. A God that loves all of His creation, especially humanity that He created in His image. A God who removes all fear and replaces it with love. I AM “passionately loved”. I AM free from judgement, of myself and others. I AM eating from the tree that gives life. 
Transition. Will you fight it? Hanging on to the past for dear life? Or will you welcome the new with open arms? Surrendering to the possibility that transition can be beautiful.
Happy Sunday my friends! Love well ❤️

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