Sunday Sheep Ponderings- April 16,2017

Pondering today of MY crucifixion and resurrection.
I can hear the religious voices now, “Oh Wendy, this day is about Jesus, not you”. And yes, ALL the glory and credit go to Him but the benefit goes to me. 
I’ve been asking God many things about His death lately? I’ve heard man’s views and teachings on the subject for 50 years but I still had some pretty big questions. 
The common theology in the American church (but not the worldwide church) is the “depravity of man”. This is just a fancy way of saying that we are born bad. In this theology, we are always trying to become good, become Christlike, be acceptable to God. I was taught this at an early age and bought in fully to the idea that I was a wretch but if I asked Jesus into my heart, I would not be a wretch any more. 
But you know…pondering, asking questions and waiting for His answers…it changes things. 
You see, when I read the scriptures, I see a different story. I see that “I HAVE BEEN (past tense) crucified WITH Christ and that it is no longer I that live, but Christ that lives within me!” I guess the big question is this…WHEN? When was I crucified with Christ? 
 It should be an easy answer. I was crucified when Christ was. But in our fallen human thinking, we change the good news to not so good news. We add a lot of “ifs” and conditions that simply aren’t there. Then we pass along those “ifs” and conditions to our children, and so on and so on. Did you know that the idea of “asking Jesus into your heart or life” is not anywhere in scripture! Jesus never said it, Paul never said it and the gospels never said it. 
Instead, the scriptures do say that “while we were STILL SINNERS, Christ died for us.” They also say that their is a mystery that has been revealed and that mystery is that “Christ is IN us!” And they say “God was in Christ reconciling THE WORLD to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them”! 
I could go on and on listing scriptures that tell us that what happened on Good Friday and Easter morning 2000 years ago was so much bigger and so much better than even most of us believe! That Jesus came to do a job…”not condemning the world but saving it”, “destroying death”, “setting the captives free”, being an “exact representation of the Father”, and “giving us abundant life”! And when He was done, He proclaimed…”IT IS FINISHED!” DONE DEAL! He completed His mission and YOU don’t have any part in it. The glory and credit are ALL His so stop trying to give yourself credit for “believing something”, “saying a certain prayer” or declaring you are “chosen” and that others aren’t. HE is the victor and ALL of creation is His prize! 
My friends, we are all on a journey. Not a journey of making what God said true by believing it – for that would make us the decision maker. We are on a journey of awakening and believing what has always been true – the truth that God was the decision maker, and He decided to love you! 
Happy Resurrection day my friends! “BEHOLD, HE HAS MADE ALL, ALL, ALL THINGS NEW!” Now dance the dance of Freedom! Sing the song of Restoration! Live the life of Acceptance! And surrender to the peace of rest! You are loved and you are His!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sheep Ponderings- April 16,2017

  1. You are such a breath of fresh air! If only this message resonated in every church/home/etc., the world would grasp the biggest Truth on earth!! Nothing better than being His child ❤️😍


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