Sunday Sheep Ponderings- February 19,2017

Pondering today on purity.
I would bet that for most of you that read the word “purity”, you immediately thought of a purity from some kind of sin or unclean living. I guess that immediate assumption is at the heart of my pondering.
I would venture to say that most people know nothing of PURE GRACE and sadly, this is more true of the Christian community than others. Now before you get offended, let me finish my thoughts. Remember, I am speaking mostly of myself.
First, let’s define GRACE so we all have a starting point. GRACE is defined as “the FREELY GIVEN, UNMERITED favor and love of God”. 
Let’s take a visual journey. Picture a tall glass of PURE clean water. I mean it has been purified from every contaminate, chemical and trace of dirt. Now, drop just one piece of dirt into it. It immediately becomes impure, cloudy, and a completely different material that is of lesser quality and value.
So it goes with PURE GRACE. Grace is freely given and unmerited. It is free of all requirements, rules and stipulations. Now, add just one condition to it. It immediately becomes impure, contaminated and a completely different idea that is of lesser quality and value.
When Jesus entered into our physical realm as a human, He came as PURE GRACE but the people did not understand Him. They, especially the religious leaders, were always trying to get Him to focus on sin or unclean living, on rules, on “rights” and “wrongs”. They were so accustomed to lists of “do’s” and “dont’s”, obsessed with keeping the law, and measuring the worth of a person by their performance. This idea or concept of FREELY GIVEN, not earned, unconditional acceptance and love was so foreign to them. It threatened the power and status of the religious leaders. If you removed their moral and spiritual superiority over their subjects, what would they have left to define their worth? What would be their purpose? What would set them apart from the masses?And so PURE GRACE became contaminated one little drop of “ifs” at a time. Yes, God loves you “if”….
So the choice for you and for me today is …are we going to choose PURE GRACE for ALL people, in ALL conditions, at ALL times? Or, are we going to settle for something of lesser quality and value that is no longer even grace at all? 
Let’s unmask the “ifs” for the lies that they are. 
Let’s remove the “conditions” from unconditional love. 
Let’s filter out all rules and performance from acceptance. 
Let’s drink in the PURE GRACE, the PURE LOVE, the PURE ACCEPTANCE that Jesus poured out and then let’s shower the world with it! 
Let’s never add an “if”, a theology, a requirement on something that was FREELY GIVEN! 
Let’s shout PURE GRACE from the mountaintops so that the world will know the love God has for them.
Let’s love well my friends.
Happy Sunday!
John 1:17

“For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.”

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