Sunday Sheep Ponderings – January 29,2017

Pondering today on being rigid or flexible.
RIGID (def.) – deficient in or devoid of flexibility.
FLEXIBLE (def.) – capable of bending easily without breaking.
For most of my adult life, I was the queen of “rigid”. I thought I had all the right answers when it came to just about everything. I grew up in a denomination that had all the right theological answers, my way of parenting was the right way, my political views were the right ones, my analysis of any situation I encountered was the right one. My views, my theology, my opinions were all the right ones. Oh, I masked my rigidness under words like “passionate “, “conviction”, “determination” but the truth is, I was “deficient in and devoid of flexibility” and the ugly root of all that rigidness was “control”. In a world that is full of chaos and uncertainty, we try to find our peace by controlling everyone and everything in our little corner of the world. 
But here’s the rub….control never brings real peace… and Love is the tool God uses to “bend us without breaking us.”
The love of God does not snap our rigid selves in half, His love does not shatter us into a million pieces. The love of God is gentle, intentional and is softly rubbed into our rigidness. The process is often very time consuming but He is ever patient and steadfast in His work. As His healing oil is massaged into the dry, hard places, we slowly become more pliable, less resistant…softer. 
So today, with all the rigidness filling the airways, social media and conversations ….what will you do? Will you stand hard and firm and try to control those you don’t agree with OR will you allow love to bend you towards others so that you can actually get close enough to hear their heart beat? 
Don’t be so RIGID about being right…that you loose the FLEXIBILITY to love. I have finally been softened enough to “bend without breaking” and I can stand on the other side of “control” and earnestly and honestly tell you that PEACE is far superior. 
Here’s to loving well and bending to hear the heart of others. Happy Sunday my friends! 

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