Sunday Sheep Ponderings – January 22,2017

Pondering today on being a human. 
I know as I type this, that some of you will “like” it and some will “unfollow” me. That’s ok. From the very first #sundaysheeppondering, my motive has been to bring life to those who read it. To bring life by telling you over and over how valuable and treasured you are by your creator and by exposing lies that others have heaped on you or you have heaped on yourself. Today will be no different.
Human beings are ALL made in the image of God, male and female, black and white, short and tall, creatives and analyticals. WHY, WHY, WHY are we so obsessed with our differences? It’s like we are talking out of both sides of our mouths. One side says, “I want equality. Everyone should be treated the same.” And the other side of our mouth says, “My people deserve special treatment because we are different.” Ok, I know that history has not been kind to women, blacks, certain social classes, certain religions. I hate that! I wish I could erase it! I wish I could right those wrongs! 
Today, we have a constitution that clearly states that women have the same rights as men, Blacks have the same rights as whites. We have freedom of religion. Hard work and diligence has no social class barrier. 
Are there some women who have encountered sexism? Yes! Are there some men who have encountered sexism? Yes! Are there some blacks who have encountered racism? Yes! Are there some whites who have encountered racism? Yes! Are there some Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. that have encountered religious persecution? Yes! Are there some Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. that have persecuted others faith or beliefs? Yes! Are there some who work hard and don’t see much in return? Yes! Are there some who barely lift a finger but seem to get all the breaks? Yes! 
“Life is not fair” and “hurting people, hurt people”! BUT just because there are some ignorant, messed up thinking, hard hearted people in the world doesn’t mean ALL are that way! Stop generalizing entire people groups based on a few! Women and Blacks are just as guilty of sexism and racism as Men and Whites. Don’t repay evil with evil. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If you are not part of the solution, you may be the problem. 
It’s time for people to take personal responsibility. It’s time for people to stop taking their personal hurts and projecting them on society. It’s time for healing! It’s time for serious personal analysis. 
Are you just joining in with the crowd to yell, complain, vent your frustrations, vilify an entire group of people who are different than you? OR…..are you ready to take a stand for something that brings life?! Instead of telling republicans or democrats how bad they are….try listening! Instead of telling other religions how wrong they are…try understanding! Instead of measuring a person up by the amount of pigment in their skin…try seeing their heart! Instead of seeing the differences in male and female as a problem…try seeing the way they compliment each other! 
We are ALL the same and yet so beautifully unique! We ALL are created in God’s image and likeness! We ALL have His life in our very breath! We ALL were knit together by Him in our mothers womb! We ALL are loved equally, fully and perfectly by Him! When you finally get that, When you finally see that, When you finally understand that…you don’t need the government, the schools, the religious leaders, the media, Hollywood or ANYONE else to determine your value. Then, YOU ARE FREE to love others as you love yourself. Then, YOU ARE FREE to treat others as you want to be treated. Then, YOU ARE FREE to value the differences in others while celebrating the “oneness” we have with all Gods creation. 
Come on friends! Let’s shine! Let’s love well! Let’s be instruments or peace! Let’s join together in unity and sing the song of our Father’s heart. No more punches, digs or jabs. Let your compassion and kindness run like a river and let your words be salt that enhance and heal each person they fall on. 
Happy Sunday! 

11 thoughts on “Sunday Sheep Ponderings – January 22,2017

  1. I so enjoyed reading this. Why can’t people see this. Evil beats evil. The only way to turn things around is to understand and be gracious. You laid it out beautifully. God bless you and yours.

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  2. Could not agree more! It is so heartbreaking to see and hear all of the self centered acts and speech. We need to know God’s heart of wild love for all people in this world and set aside our ideas for His perfect way. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Hi Wendy! I would love to feature your gorgeous home in my Eclectic Home Tour series. I would write the post and link to you of course – you don’t have to do a thing. Please let me know if that’s ok. Thanks – Kelly

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