Sunday Sheep Ponderings- November 13,2016

Pondering today on sovereignty. A fancy way of saying “God is in control”.
This pondering may ruffle some feathers and I can say that because it ruffled mine. Please remember that my Ponderings are simply that…my questions and the limited revelation I have today. We are all learning and growing and that is one of my favorite things about this journey called life. I share my Ponderings to simply provoke thought in you. AFTER pondering on what I write, you may agree or you may disagree and that is ok…just don’t argue here.
I would say, that for most of my life, I would have said “God is sovereign” or ” God is in control”. There was supposed to be comfort and reassurance in those words but for me….it made me doubt his love. So, a 5 yr old little girl is raped and murdered…but God is in control? Hitler rises to power and brutally murders 11 million innocent people…but God is in control? I could list example after example of heart breaking situations that people claim God to be in control of. If this is true, is God really love? That is the dilemma I have quietly struggled with for many years…afraid to say it out loud for fear of all the judgement from my fellow Christians and, dare I say it, even possible judgement from God.
But the season of the journey I have been on for the last several years has brought peace and understanding. It has removed all fear of judgement and replaced it with an exciting anticipation of what beautiful truth I will awaken to next.
So where have I landed on the sovereign question? I have landed with this…God is ALL powerful, ALL knowing, and ALL LOVE. He never promised to “control” and his desire is not authority or supremacy. His promise was to be with us, to be in us, to love us. His desire is relationship. 
Scriptures draw a picture of this relationship as the love of parent and child. A parent teaches. A parent guides. A parent shares wisdom. A parent celebrates your victories. A parent holds you in your defeats. A parent treasures you. A parent desires that you soar in freedom and confidence. A parent loves unconditionally.
Scripture also tries to explain this relationship as the love of a beautiful marriage. A husband encourages. A husband empowers. A husband enjoys your presence. A husband knows you intimately. A husband values your thoughts and ideas. A husband makes your victories taste sweeter. A husband makes your valleys not so dark and lonely. A husband loves passionately. 
If this is your understanding of this relationship that God desires to have with you …you find way more peace and comfort knowing “God is with you” than “God is in control”. 
I don’t believe God controls this world…I believe God loves this world. I don’t believe God has a master plan that includes all kind of pain and evil. I believe God will hold me as I walk in a world full of pain and evil. 
And I hope that I will always give God the benefit of the doubt when things happen that I don’t understand. And I hope that I will always error on the side of “God is love” when life hands me pain and suffering. And I hope that I will always believe in God’s goodness, over every thing I hear or see to the contrary.
Happy Sunday my friends! 

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