Sunday Sheep Ponderings – November 6,2016

Pondering today on relationship. 
I think that we, as humans, tend to relate to God in the same way we do to other humans. I mean we say that He is far greater than us, that He is “other”, that He is “God” but don’t we pull Him down to our level when we try to relate to Him?
I think most of us see this relationship as a “give and take”. If I do this, then God will do that. If I love Him, He will love me. If I give to Him, He will give to me. If I serve Him, He will serve me. If I do “right”, He will accept me. If I do “wrong”, He will reject me. If I believe correctly, He will save me. If I don’t believe, I am dammed. 
Don’t get me wrong, I related to God this way for 40 years BUT no more my friends. You see what I believed was “good news” for most of my life, wasn’t really good news at all. I was trying to have a “relationship” with God that was far inferior to the the “relationship” He wanted to have with me. I just didn’t see it. I just didn’t get it. I just didn’t understand it. 
GOD IS LOVE! EVERY THOUGHT HE HAS TOWARD US IS LOVE! He doesn’t have a hidden agenda. He isn’t keeping a record of wrongs. He has no expectations of you. He doesn’t need you to “do”, “believe” or “serve” in order to be accepted by Him. There are no “ifs” in this relationship! It is not a “give and take” and it is so extremely one sided that there is no way you could tip the scale! Ever! 
You are completely and perfectly and extravagantly loved and nothing you can do or say will stop it! His love is not dependent on you! His love is all Him! 
We all have a choice. 
We can reject His love and wander through this life without peace, joy and hope. We can reject His love BUT that does not mean His love rejects us. He just keeps pouring it out, expecting nothing in return. (Don’t get your religious feathers ruffled here😉)
The other choice is to accept His love. To just “be”. Be held. Be accepted. Be adored. Be comforted. Be encouraged. Be amazed. Be loved. 
Our choice doesn’t change Him…it changes us. 
If there are “ifs” in your relationship with God, you may want to ask Him about those. If there are requirements in your relationship with God, you may want to ask Him about those too. If you are using scriptures to support these “ifs” and requirements, you may want to ask Him if you are reading those in their proper context and translation. And after asking Him, listening for HIS answers and not religions answers….you may just see things differently. I did and it it has changed me forever. I have found a love like no other love, a God like no other being and a relationship that far exceeds what I could have asked or hoped for. 
Happy pondering my friends!

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