Sunday Sheep Ponderings – October 23,2016

Pondering today on “IN Him” and “Him IN us”. 
The scriptures say that “IN HIM,

we live, 

and move, 

and have our being”. 
The scriptures also tell us that Jesus revealed a great mystery to us. That mystery is that “Christ is IN US”. 
Hmmm…so we are IN HIM and He is IN US. We may say these things flippantly but do we really comprehend them?
One day last year, I was pondering on this very thing and I saw a picture in my mind’s eye. I’ll try to explain it with words so, if you can, draw what I describe so you can SEE it too. 
I saw a large circle that was named “God”. Inside that circle was EVERYTHING that has ever been created. Within the large circle was a small circle named “time”. Now the walls of “time” were not solid walls but clear walls. Some of creation was within the walls of “time” but most was not. 
This is what I heard or understood from the picture. YOU were IN HIM from the beginning. You have NEVER been apart or outside of God. It is IMPOSSIBLE! At some point in eternity, you were placed into a realm called “time” BUT He is also in the realm of time with you! He holds “time” within Himself. As you journey through this life, or this season of eternity that you are held within “time”, you are still IN HIM but He is also IN time and IN you! 
I still don’t fully comprehend what I saw but this is my revelation as of today. YOU came from Him. YOU have ALWAYS been IN HIM. YOU were chosen to inhabit time at this point in eternity. Time may seem to limit you but it actually has a purpose. He is IN YOU for this journey called “life” or “time” and you are ALWAYS IN HIM. The walls of time are not solid and impenetrable, they are clear and full of opportunity to see His purpose and will within “time”. The light of His countenance is always breaking through the walls and barriers of humanness. He is not only IN all of creation that surrounds you but He is IN YOU as you experience this season of “life” or this season of your “journey”. You can NOT exist outside of Him! You can NOT exist without His life IN you. You can “feel” separated because you think the wall is solid. You can “feel” like He is not with you because you don’t understand that He NEVER leaves you, He is IN you. But the GOOD NEWS my friend is that “feelings” are temporary and TRUTH is eternal, “feelings” are subject to change and TRUTH never changes. 
I hope this was not too confusing and that my words were adequate to describe the beautiful vision of His love that I saw. I hope that you take comfort and great joy from knowing that YOU ARE IN HIM AND HE US IN YOU! And that NOTHING can change that TRUTH. Take off the dark glasses and SEE through the clear walls of “time”! SEE that He IS love and feel the warmth of that love shining through the walls of time and on you! 
And when this season of eternity called “time” is concluded for you, you simply continue to be IN HIM for all eternity. You came from Him, you are In Him, you are forever His. YOU are His treasure of greatest value! 
Happy Sunday my friends! 

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