Sunday Sheep Ponderings – September 18,2016

It was a late night at the ER for us. My son dislocated his shoulder during football. He will recover fine but a little tired today. I’m sharing a pondering of a Facebook friend/teacher because it mirrors the pondering I have been doing for the last couple of years and he came to the same understanding that I have. Enjoy!

I really don’t like the word “saved” given all the western religious baggage attached to this word!
1. In the west we say that we are “saved” from hell!!! You see what I mean?
2. Then the assumptions begin to flow … who created hell? God! So in reality we are saved from what God is gonna do to us .. 
3. So Jesus ends up coming to earth to save us from what God is gonna do!
The truth is this:
4, The Greek word translated save actually means to restore and to make whole. It is directly connected to the Greek word for HEALING and health!
Now this is something totally different!
Now we are talking not about escaping some eternal conscious torment created by God …. but about God restoring us and making us whole!
When you read the New Testament you can legitimately replace the word “save” with “restore or made whole” …. and it becomes a new book!
It is in this sense that “all get saved”! Father sent Jesus to earth to restore and make everyone whole! (Via Santo Calarco)
Now isn’t that GOOD NEWS?! Doesn’t that bring you LIFE and HOPE?! Doesn’t that sound a lot more like LOVE than some of the things you have been taught and believed?! 

Happy Sunday friends! 

Love well!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Sheep Ponderings – September 18,2016

  1. We are currently studing “Loaded Words” freeing 12 hard Bible words from their baggage. by Heather Choate Davis you can find it on Amazon I think you may find it very interesting. Enjoyed your post and your sweet pictures of your lambs.


  2. I so enjoy your Sunday ponderings – you have a definite gift for writing. Very inspirational and I am all for inspiration.

    However, biblically they are a bit misleading. Yes, Jesus came to earth and died on the cross to restore and heal – but also to SAVE us. Because of his sacrifice ALL are offered the gift of LIFE. It is up to every individual to accept that gift. As with any gift it doesn’t become a gift until it is accepted.

    I personally do not believe that there is physical “hell” but that those who do not accept the gift of salvation that is offered to them will be in a state of hell (ie. separation from God). This is not a place that God has created but simply a place of being without HIM. You don’t have to look far to know that evil exists in this world. The opposite of good (or GOD) is evil. There is no escaping that reality.


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