Sunday Sheep Pondering – July 24,2016

Pondering today on seeing our reflection.
I had a dream last night that I had a baby, which at my age, would be more like a nightmare. In my dream, I catch a glimpse of my baby girl in the mirror and what I see takes my breath away. I look into her big blue/green eyes and I see…myself. I see the eyes that have stared back at me in the mirror for 50 years. I see myself in her but I see more than that, I see myself without all the “stuff”, without all the “baggage”, without all the insecurities and false identities I have believed about myself. I see myself in its truest form…beautiful, peaceful and fully loved. It literally touched something so deep in me, something I am just beginning to rediscover, that thing that just knows this is of God. 
So as I ponder and reflect on that image and as I long to go back to sleep so that I can hold that little baby again, an awareness settles into my spirit…this is how my creator sees me and every other human that he created. God sees our truest form, the masterpiece He painted so intentionally, the sculpture he so carefully designed, the vessel in which he has chosen to dwell in. 
I long to see myself as He does. I long to shed every layer of clothing that I have put on myself or that others have put on me. I Iong to be naked and unashamed as I was always designed to be. I am on a journey back to my true self, and while I have not fully arrived there, I am beyond grateful for the shedding of each layer that weighs me down. I rejoice seeing each layer burned up by His fire. God’s fire is not a retributive or punishing fire that destroys and brings death but a purifying fire that restores and brings life.
So, can this pondering go even further? Is there something for you and I to learn that can help us to love better? Of course there is….if we are brave enough to see it.
What if? What if we could see EVERY human as God sees them? What if we could travel back in time and watch as he lovingly designed and formed their being? What if we could watch the story of their life unfold? What if we could watch as every experience, every teaching, every hurt, every piece of heavy clothing is heaped upon them? Could we still hate them? Could we still judge them? Could we still really believe that same creator would send them to hell? 
Those are questions you have to ponder for yourself. I pray that I can see everyone as they were created to be and I pray that I will be filled with compassion and love for ALL humanity…especially those who are weighed down the most. 
Happy Sunday my friends! Love well!

One thought on “Sunday Sheep Pondering – July 24,2016

  1. Today, I discussed Christ baptism. In preparation I had called each young girl’s Dad to get a statement that he would say about her just as God did Jesus after His baptism. The girls could not believe that their Dads had said those special things. I basically told them the same thing that you have said in this post just not as eloquently. We need to give up our negative thoughts.


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