Sunday Sheep Pondering – July 17,2016

Pondering today on loving your enemies.
It doesn’t take much to look around the world today and see a lot anger, pain, and suffering. It appears that in every country, every society and every culture that division and conflict abounds. This has me pondering… is there an answer to all the troubles of this world?
I hear a lot of well-meaning people say “Jesus is the answer” or “This world just needs Jesus” and while I too have said the same things, it doesn’t seem to be working. 

My pondering has led me to propose a different thought, “we don’t need Jesus, we already have him”. God already entered our world, in time, became flesh, and revealed and destroyed the lies we believe about ourselves. Jesus revealed Christ to us and then blew our minds by revealing that this Christ lives in us. 
So I propose…rather than telling people they need Christ and trying to convert them to your religion, why don’t we try looking to the example of Jesus. Are we jumping on the division bandwagon? Do we see those who inflict these evil acts on humanity as different than us? Do we see ourselves as above them or better than them? They too were created in the image and likeness of God but they don’t yet realize it. I often become overwhelmed with gratitude that I was born in a country, culture, and society where I am free to think for myself. Where information and teachings are freely available so that I can draw my own conclusions and beliefs about anything. But many in the world, especially in the regions that seem to be inflicting so much of this evil, do not have this freedom. For generation after generation after generation, from the time they are born, they are only told one way of thinking and believing. The lies that entangled and held their parents and grandparents hostage are the only way they know. This makes me ask myself the question, if I had been born into that culture, would I be any different than them? 
See I don’t believe Jesus came to make us all “Christians “. I believe Jesus came to destroy the lies that humanity has created and believed. He came to reveal a mystery that had seemed to be hidden, the truth of who we are. So if you believe that Jesus is who he says he is…follow his example…reveal truth! Don’t offer your religion, your set of do’s and dont’s. Don’t offer them your “right” way of thinking and believing. Don’t offer your judgement, condemnation and arrogance. 
Offer what Jesus offered…









Unconditional love

OFFER TRUTH that sets people free!
Our goal should not be to “change “people, our goal should be to love people where they are, yes, even our enemies. To enter into relationship with them as equals and in unity. Only then, will lies be exposed for the evil they are and only then will we have the opportunity to offer truth in the posture of humility. After all, isn’t this what Jesus did? 
So the next time I start to bash, vilify or broadly label a human being, instead I hope my heart will be flooded with gratitude that my eyes have been opened to love, knowing full well that “but for the grace of God, go I”. 
Happy Sunday my friends! Love well! 

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