Sunday Sheep Pondering – July 3,2016

Pondering this morning on Independence.
This political season has left me scratching my head and thinking “really? This is the best we can do?”
I will start by saying that I have been a life long republican, at first because my parents and grandparents were, but later because I believed in small government, the balance of powers, the wisdom of the constitution and the concept of personal responsibility. 
All that to say, I’m seeing some parallels in my journey of spiritual freedom and my journey of political freedom. I lived for many years on the “us” and “them” bandwagon. My denomination verses yours, my political affiliation verses yours. As the barriers of man made theology have crumbled around me and brought me into a place of spaciousness that is grounded in love rather than performance, so the barriers of strict party affiliation are beginning to crumble as well. Oh, I’m not jumping ship from republican to democrat, after all, I am a math brain and I know that the numbers don’t lie, free stuff isn’t free. Instead, I’ve decided that I am an “INDEPENDENT”, not bound by theology, doctrine, church membership, political party, performing, conforming, belonging, fitting in, measuring up, and all that “us” and “them” stuff. I am a free thinker, an individual, a woman who is wise, thoughtful, intentional and compassionate. After all, look at where all the political division has led us, candidates who are rude, untrustworthy, condescending and narcissistic. By the same token, look where all the church division has led us, congregations who are more focused on numbers, programs, money, buildings and converts. (I know all do not fall into this category 😀)
So on this INDEPENDENCE DAY WEEKEND, I encourage you to lay down the labels, the clubs, the membership, the categories, the biases, the endoctrinations, the negativity, the divisiveness and be an INDEPENDENT. No more “us” and “them” but a “we”. Let’s treat everyone as we would like to be treated. Let’s respect opinions different than our own. Let’s remember while we are each independent people, we are called above all else to LOVE one another. Let’s stop rejecting differences and start valuing them. We are not robots or “cookie cutter” creations…we are beautifully diverse and unique and yet all united as one in our creator. He sees our individuality and our oneness. Let’s see everyone through His eyes, the eyes of love. Freedom was His idea! The road less traveled is not the road of self righteous morality, the road less traveled is the road of love and acceptance. Which one will you choose? It’s a choice that will make all the difference. 
Happy INDEPENDENCE day my friends! Celebrate, be thankful and love well! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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