Sunday Sheep Pondering – June 19,2016


Pondering today on Fathers. Throughout scripture God is portrayed as a man. Jesus takes this a step deeper and portrays Him as Father. (God is spirit and is the fullness or male and female attributes in oneness. Pondering for another day) Some of us have kind earthly fathers and some are cruel. Our personal experience and our religious mindsets can have a critical influence on how we perceive God, the Father. Let’s ponder on these perceptions.
Do you see God as the disciplinarian father in heaven, watching to see if you’ve been naughty or nice? Do you see God as the absentee father, far off and distant and separated from you? Do you see God as the practical father, guiding, correcting, rewarding and treating everyone as they deserve? Do you see God as the doting grandpa that you go to when you want something? 
Is God good? Is God mad? Is God pleased? Is God in Heaven? 
My pondering has led to more questions but only one answer. GOD IS LOVE. My earthly experiences and my faulty theological mindsets may have told me otherwise but they are distorted and warped. They are “truth” according to my opinion. 
If a knowledge and acceptance of Jesus is the only way to heaven…do babies go? How about people with mental illness? How about people who have never heard of Him? Would God create a child in its mothers womb knowing that that child would spend eternity in hell? 
I am speaking from years of believing things about God that didn’t reveal Him as a good father. I believed things about God that made Him out to be worse than the cruelest earthly fathers. I blindly believed because I was taught by the church AND because rather than ask the hard questions, I was a “good little Christian” and played along. 
My pondering has led me to this….God is a father that gives LIFE. He sees every person that HE CREATED through the lens of unconditional love. He doesn’t extend grace to us, GRACE is who He is. He doesn’t extend love to us, LOVE is who He is. He doesn’t just forgive us, He forgets. He doesn’t observe us from a place called heaven, He lives IN us. He didn’t make a mistake when He created us, He said His creation was “VERY GOOD”. He is not watching to see if you are naughty or nice, He has declared you redeemed. He isn’t deciding whether to give you something based on your behavior or your prayers, He has “ALREADY given you everything you need for life and godliness”. He is not fickle, moody, angered or pleased by you, He is steadfast love and acceptance. 
So my friends, maybe some pondering of your own is in order. Maybe on this Father’s Day, you may need to dig a grave and bury your perception of God. Maybe it’s time you met your TRUE Father….He’s the best there is and you are one lucky child! 

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