Sunday Sheep Pondering – May 1,2016

Pondering today on not pondering 😏.
Verses from Ecclesiastes keep coming to my head… there’s a time to be born and a time to die, there’s a time to sow and a time to reap… There’s a time to ponder and a time to just be.  
It’s very difficult for a ponderer like myself to stop thinking. To silence my many thoughts and just rest, trust, and be. But even for a thinker, there is a time for quiet…to be still and know that He is God. To know that for every question I have, He holds the perfect answer. There are seasons of waiting on Him, trusting in His love and letting go of things that try to weigh you down. 
It is an act of worship to let things go and trust. 
This can be especially challenging for the “fixers”, the “planners”, the “organizers” of this world. Difficult but so necessary to grow. 
Sometimes things work out better than expected, sometimes less. Sometimes answers come quickly and sometimes they don’t seem to come at all. Sometimes life is smooth sailing and sometimes it is quite the turbulent ride. 
In ALL of it ….ALL of it, He is there. He doesn’t fly in and fly out like a super hero…He is constant, continually, forever there. 
So today, I’m letting go of questions that don’t seem to have answers and I am trusting His love and somehow…that simple act of worship IS the answer. 
Love well my friends and just “be”. Happy Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Sheep Pondering – May 1,2016

  1. Bless you for this!!!
    …and now I’m inspired to have that verse from Ecclesiasties painted to display in my home. First this beautiful reminder is one for the heart!

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  2. I needed this devotional today….a new season has just come upon me and my family… cancer has likely reared its head after 22 years from the first time for me. We are still in the midst of finding a definite diagnosis. So many questions and unknowns lie ahead….thank you for reminding me that He is always with me because I have given my life to Him.

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