Sunday Sheep Ponderings -April 10,2016


Pondering today on “love one another, as I have loved you”. 

You know human “love” and God love seem to be very different. I would even propose that most of what we call “love”, isn’t really love at all. God IS love. We’ve read that, we’ve heard that and probably quoted it to others, but have we ever really pondered it? 

So if God IS love, what does love look like? Of course that is way too vast to answer in my short pondering, but we can at least start the process. 

Love is giving…all that you are and all that you have for the sake of another. God’s love doesn’t have “boundaries”, walls of “protection” or limits. It is focused on pouring out and filling up others. 
Love is compassionate…it looks beyond the things that you say and do and sees your heart. It understands that the REAL you is in there, sometimes hidden by hurt, experiences, circumstances within and beyond your control. Love sees deeply and understands fully.
Love is patient…it knows you are a work in progress and it walks with you in each baby step, runs with you in each race and soars with you as you fly high. Love even sits with you when you can’t seem to move at all. Each stage and season, it is consistent and fully there. It never leaves.
Love is acceptance…unconditional and complete. Love doesn’t try to change you, but it transforms you by its embrace. It’s the arms that wrap around you and hold you until you finally let go and fall into belonging. You belong to this love and it is a part of you. 
This is the tip of the iceberg of a pondering that will take a lifetime and beyond to fathom. So the question for you and for me is …do we really LOVE others as He has loved us? Or do we label something “love” that is inferior and far less worthy? 
For me, as I ponder on TRUE love, I am compelled to take an honest look at my relationships that I call “love”. I am stirred in my spirit to go beyond this human idea of love and move into the realm of real love. The place where I truly love because I have been truly loved by Him.
Have a blessed Sunday my friends and LOVE well! 

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