Sunday Sheep Ponderings – January 10, 2016

Pondering today on being a parent.
Looking out my bedroom window this morning and soaking in the sight of this mother sheep gently caring for her new lambs and it stirs memories of the birth of my five babies.
The only way I can describe being a parent is like someone takes your heart and places it on the outside of your body…exposed and vulnerable. The moment you look into the face of your child you realize that a part of you now lives in another. You feel a depth of love and instinct to protect that you never knew existed. You love them with every ounce of love you have…even though they don’t love you yet and even though they don’t even know they are your child. You just love, expecting nothing in return but fully satisfied to simply pour out your love.
Those perfect little innocent babies grow and along the way they have moments of success but many moments of failure, moments of great love but many moments of complete selfishness, moments of wisdom but many moments of foolishness. In all of it…do you ever love them less? Do you ever throw up your hands and say “they aren’t mine anymore”? Do you ever give up on them? Do you ever tell them you never want to see them again? No! Even in our weakness we have a knowing that love is unconditional, that love is forever, that love is perfect.
Jesus was constantly expressing our relationship with God in terms of Father and child. Do you see God as a good parent? Do you see Him as a Father who keeps records of your wrongs, who is constantly watching you so He can bring down the rod of correction when you mess up, a Father who loves some of His children more than others, a Father who throws up His hands and gives up on you?
Why don’t you take a moment and ponder on this today. Take an honest look at how you see God. If you have any perceptions of Him that are not consistent with perfect love…take off those lenses and look at Him again. What you will see will take your breath away!
A perfect Father who is fully satisfied to simply pour out His perfect love on you! Even if you don’t love Him back yet and even if you don’t know you are His child. #perfectunconditionallove

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