Sunday Sheep Ponderings – November 22, 2015



Pondering today on expectations…

If I look back over my 26 years of marriage and my 24 years of being a parent, I have so many beautiful memories. I also have memories of some times of conflict.
For me, I can say that most of the conflict was a result of unmet expectations. For example, I tell my husband, “oh, I don’t want anything for my birthday except to be with you and the kids” but I secretly expect to be treated like a queen, with all my royal subjects bowing down telling me what a perfect wife and mother I am, throw in some flowers, do all the chores and get along with each other on MY day! At the end of the day, and at several points along the way, I get grumpy and then the pity party comes. WHY? Because I had expectations that my people did not meet and what’s worse, they were secret expectations they didn’t even know I had.

How about you? Do you have expectations of your spouse that they can’t possible live up to? Do you expect them to be your source of everything you need, when you need it? How about for your kids? Do you expect them to be what YOU want them to be? Do you expect them to think, feel and have the same passions as you do? I did for many years and still do.

Expectations lead to disappointment. Disappointments lead to hurt. Hurt leads to anger. Anger leads to judgement. Judgement leads to separation.
What if we could love like our Father? Despite what you have been taught, you can’t hurt, disappoint or make God angry. He already knows your EVERY thought, action and motive. NOTHING you do surprises him or lets Him down. He is NOT some far off God in heaven that is nervously waiting to see if you are going to pass some “test”, or fall into some “trap”, or give in to some “temptation. HE KNOWS ALL THINGS AND HE LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY! Before the creation of the world, He reconciled you to Himself. It’s a done deal! A finished work! A final judgement! His blanket answer to you on EVERY matter, in EVERY season, EVERY circumstance is …I LOVE YOU!
Now, live in that love and watch it pour out of you on to those around you. Say good bye to expectations, judgement and pity parties! HAPPY SUNDAY MY LOVED FRIENDS!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Sheep Ponderings – November 22, 2015

  1. Secret expectations been there done that and you just put it perfectly in words! That is THE cutest picture ever! Did you take that one and all the other pictures that go with your great sheep ponderings?

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    1. Thank you! No I don’t take all the pics. Sometimes people just send me pics because they know I love sheep and sometimes I just look for them. Wish I could tell you who took it but I have no idea 😬


  2. Wendy,

    I already read this when you posted it on IG (and I think I commented there) but I just had to reiterate again how wonderful this post is! I read this and saw so much of myself here. I hadn’t realized how much I have done this in the past; with birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weekends away, etc. This is a good reminder that all the expectations are, at best, unfair, but probably worse.Thank you for your wise words – I needed them.


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