Sunday Sheep Ponderings – November 8, 2015

Pondering today on the big deals, small deals and whether there is a difference.

My youngest son’s high school football team has made the playoffs and we are so excited!  The team went from a 2-10 season last year to a 10-2 season this year, so quite the improvement!  My husband and I were reminiscing about when our boys made the playoffs in peewee football  years ago and how we thought that was such a big deal, “at the time”…and we laughed.

Then a question dropped in my spirit , “Maybe it really was a big deal?”. Life is a series of big deals, “at the time”, and they are what God weaves together to create the beautiful tapestry of your story.  Each individual thread may seem insignificant when you step back and look at the entire masterpiece but without that thread, something is missing.

As humans, we walk through life in this TENSION of experiencing fully the “here and now” but knowing “life is just a vapor”. It seems to me in my pondering that God is saying “EVERYTHING  is a big deal to me because YOU are a big deal to me!”. He cares so deeply for YOU that He made the decision to live IN you!  So when you experience joy, HE experiences it WITH you!  When you experience hurt, HE experiences is it WITH you!  When you experience loneliness, He is WITH you, never leaving you and never forsaking you!  When you experience confusion and doubt, He is WITH you, guiding you and speaking peace to your mind.  When you experience loss, He is WITH you, filling the empty space in your heart. When you experience guilt and regret, He is WITH you, reassuring you that His love is unconditional and that you are fully accepted by Him.  He is not some far off God in heaven…He is in you!

YOU are His masterpiece, His beautiful work of art!  It may be hard to see at times but every thread that is woven is a big beautiful deal to Him!  The truth is, He is not only weaving the story of YOUR life but He is weaving HIMSELF into every stitch!  You are never separated from Him but you are woven together for eternity.

Wow!  Ponder on that and watch abundant life become real right before your very eyes!

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