Sunday Sheep Pondering- November 1, 2015

Pondering this morning on Halloween.

I was asked by an IG friend about where I stood spiritually on celebrating Halloween and of course that led to pondering.  As I pondered, one thing became abundantly clear…I have changed.

I grew up like most of you, looking forward to that day in October where I could play dress up and people would lavish delicious candy on me for doing so.  A day where I could stay out past dinner time and be with my friends.  I loved Jesus, I loved my friends and I loved candy and there was no conflict in my spirit about any of it…just freedom to enjoy.

Fast forward many years and I am now a mom.  That same day in October rolls around but now I don’t look forward to it.  I have learned some history behind the day and I have been taught by many well meaning people that “true” Christians don’t celebrate such an evil day.  That as Christians we are to bring glory to God and not evil.  It somewhat sounded like the “right” thing to do but yet “not right” at the same time.  As a result, my kids never knew from year to year if I would let them celebrate this day with trick or treating or if I would I would give into religious pressure, turn off all the lights and go to dinner instead.  Then my church started having a fall festival that night and my problems were over.  I could now be a “good” Christian AND let me kids celebrate with candy and dressing up.  Thank goodness! I was free to let my kids have fun while I sat back and judged all those other moms who didn’t do it right.  I enjoyed my high horse…for a time.

Fast forward again to today….oh how I’ve changed.  Those chains of religious performance have been shattered and I am FREE.  I now understand that Halloween is just another day and what I choose to do or not do on that day does not define who I am.  I am FULLY loved, FULLY accepted and FULLY His… APART from my performance, APART from my choices, APART from my reputation, APART from a religious checklist or standard, APART from a day on a calendar, APART from anything!

God does not NEED me to bring Him glory.  Did she really just say that???  Yes, I did!  We don’t have an insecure God that is sitting in heaven NEEDING to hear from humanity how great He is.  He KNOWS how great He is and He has no insecurities or need for his ego to be stroked.  The beauty of the story is that He chose, before the foundation of the world, to display His glory through you!  To create a being in His image and likeness and to breathe HIS very life into that being ….to breathe HIS very life in YOU!
I love the way Paul shares it in Colossians… “In us God desires to exhibit the priceless treasure of Christ’s indwelling; every nation will recognize Him as in a mirror!  The unveiling of Christ in human life completes man’s every expectation.  This is the essence and focus of our message; we AWAKEN every man’s mind, instructing every individual by bringing them into full understanding (flawless clarity) in order that we may prove everyone perfect in Christ.”
So Halloween???   Celebrate or not celebrate? “Trick or treat” or fall festival?  I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer.  I don’t think God cares.  What He does care about is YOU!  He loves you just the way you are!  No hoops to jump through…just be loved!  He is pleased to make His dwelling place in you! Just let His life, in you, pour out wherever you are!
Let’s return to that childlike faith and enjoy His abundant life!  And candy! 😊😊😊

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