Sunday Sheep Ponderings – October 25, 2015


Pondering on the little things today…

There are a handful of big days in our lives…our sweet sixteen, our wedding day, the birth of a child or grandchild. While those days are pretty amazing, it’s the little things that make me want to pinch myself and say “is this real?”

It’s those times when you look around at your five kids and you see them thriving, enjoying life, being “themselves” and owning their uniqueness, that you just get this giddy feeling inside and you smile ear to ear even though no one sees.

It’s that feeling when you are sitting on the sofa next to your hubby, your best friend, and you know that he “gets” you, accepts you (quirks and all) and that you have a friend for life.

It’s when your sweet pups find your lap the most comfortable place in the house because they just want to be next to you.

It’s lazy weekend mornings when we linger in bed and just enjoy the rest.

It’s looking out the window and watching each season unfold in its beauty, knowing every year you will meet again like long lost friends.

It’s the warmth of being wrapped up in a soft, worn quilt on a cool winters night and the refreshing coolness of the waves meeting your toes on a warm summer day.

I could go on and on and on…

Isn’t that very much like our journey with our creator? I could share a few times in my life where I experienced a miracle, an “oh my, God” moment, a swooping in and rescuing by my knight in shining armor and even some lavish displays of His love that would make your heart burst! But again, as I ponder, it’s the so called little things that seem to be drawing my gaze and filling my heart with joy. It’s His steadfast love that has been with me in every step of my journey. It’s the still small voice that quiets my worries and fears. It’s the soft gentle wind that comes and refreshes my weary soul. It’s the strong arms that hold me as I weep and whisper hope in my ears. It’s the fluttering in my stomach as I feel His presence inside me. It’s the creative idea or solution that drops in my mind as I sleep. It’s that knowing in my “knower” that everything will be ok, and even more than ok.

It’s the beautiful song that seems to be playing as the soundtrack for our lives, a song of His grace, His unconditional acceptance, His abundance and provision and His unwavering love for you.

Ponder today on the little things my dear friends, as you do, you will begin to see they were really the big things all along.

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