Sunday Sheep Ponderings – August 2 – October 4, 2015

 I have just figured out how to add a “Sunday Sheep Ponderings” tab to my menu so I am posting all the Sunday Sheep Ponderings for August 2-October 4, 2015 in this one post.  Didn’t want to bombard with a post for each one.  From now on it will post here on Sundays as well as Instagram.


Sunday Sheep Pondering – October 4, 2015

I had a dream last night… You know the Lord still speaks in dreams. He is the same yesterday, today and forever! I love when He speaks in dreams because my mind, my body and my reasoning are all at rest and His voice within me can speak without any interference from me.
In my dream there was a long series of events that were crazy and chaotic and many needed “fixing”. I was the primary character in the dream trying to manage all of it. I was running around trying to “fix” peoples relationship’s, “fix” people’s homes, figure out why things were done the way they were, take care of other people’s animals, feeding people, getting from one place to another. I ended up at a place that I “thought” I didn’t belong and I was frustrated and I was tired, both mentally and physically. And then… Then He touched me. As I was climbing stairs to go back and “fix” something else…a hand touched my hand and PEACE and LOVE and COMFORT and HOPE and ANTICIPATION flooded my soul. It was a long, intentional, and powerful touch. It brought LIFE to my weariness, JOY to my frustration and HOPE to my overwhelmed mess. A touch that reminded me once again, that I am never walking through anything alone.

I believe this dream was for me AND for you. I believe that this dream came early this morning to speak LIFE, JOY,and HOPE to someone out there reading it today.
The Lord speaks in so many different ways… Sometimes a still small voice, sometimes in a dream of the night, sometimes in the words of a song, sometimes in the hug of a friend. Many of us call it a coincidence, a fluke or something else but what if… What if we open up our hearts and realize how much He truly cares for us? That His purpose for creating us in the beginning was fellowship? What if we stopped for a moment, opened up our ears and our eyes, and saw the ONE right next to us, the ONE who is in us who has loved us all along? How that truth would make “the things of this earth grow strangely dim” AND purposely clear …BOTH at the same time!


Sunday Sheep Pondering – September 27, 2015

I’m on an early anniversary (26 years!) trip with my hubby and we are getting ready to catch a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. I wanted to share a few thoughts I’ve been pondering on but I have to make it quick so I can go make goo goo eyes at my man😉😉😉. You know for years I tried to be my husband’s and my kid’s “Holy Spirit”. I had this image in my head of what the perfect Christian husband and the perfect Christian kids should look like and any time mine fell short of that image…I had to step in and set them straight, guide them… Oh who are we kidding? I wanted to control them! I did it all in the name of “love” but it wasn’t the God kind of love! You see the God kind of love is patient and kind. It doesn’t keep a checklist of rights and wrongs and it definitely doesn’t control. If I’m being totally honest here, which I usually am, I had those same perfect Christian wife and mom expectations for myself and the more I fell short of them, the more judgmental and critical I became of everyone else.
I’m just so grateful that God sees ALL of us as we really are…ALREADY PERFECTED IN HIM! He made ALL things new! I’m so thankful that because He first loved me with His God kind of love, I am learning to love that same way.
Just love people…the way they are, where they are and for who they are. We are ALL created in God’s image … It just takes some of us a long time to realize it!


Sunday Sheep Pondering – September 20, 2015

What are you feeding on? Is what you are eating bringing life and nourishment to your soul? Are you going to a feeding trough because you just want someone else to tell you what to eat and everyone else seems to be eating it? I was a trough eater for a long, LONG time. I have found that eating directly from His hand is so much better!

When I started to eat from His hand, I started to enjoy the food so much more! It was like a rich, custom meal that I enjoyed from a master chef. The flavors blended perfectly together and it awakened all my senses! I started to see food in a whole new way and I anxiously look forward to each new meal!

Something to ponder on today…are you eating at the hands of other men? Are you eating food they have chewed up, digested and then given to you? OR are you going directly to the food source and eating fresh, whole and life giving food?

JESUS is the bread of life! He is the WORD that became flesh and dwelt among us! He is the EXACT representation of the Father! He is IN you! He is NOT angry. He is NOT demanding. He is NOT confined to the cages of human understanding. He is NOT the Bible. (oh! Did I just say that?😳***) He is God! And HE IS LOVE!!! Let’s eat on that truth today and watch life come to every part of our being!!! You will be full and satisfied and at the same time, ready for more!
Happy Sunday my friends!!! ***The Bible is scripture and is inspired by God but is not God. The WORD of God is Jesus and He IS God. One is far greater than the other! Something I learned eating from His hand. John 5:39 addresses this very thing. You pour over the scriptures because you think in them you have eternal life BUT they testify of ME. (Jesus).


Sunday Sheep Pondering – September 13, 2015

I’ve been pondering on the love of my Father…my perfect Heavenly Father. I ask lots of questions of the Lord. Questions whose answers sometimes rock my western theological foundation. You know He is NOT afraid of our questions, He welcomes them. He longs to reveal who He is and who we are in Him. He is bigger, better, and more “other” than our human boxes, denominations and limited understanding allow Him to be. We can “think” we have Him all figured out, we have the right do’s and don’ts, the correct “interpretation” of scripture, the right denomination or non-denomination, but the truth is…we all see Him through lenses…lenses that have been clouded by religious “teachers”, lenses that have been scratched by our insecurities and low self worth, lenses that have been cracked and broken by our pain, loss and hurt. My prayer for each of us is that we remove those lenses and begin to see Him as He is, face to face. For me, this has been a long process and a process that will continue as long as I am in this earthly body. Years of questioning “what” I believed about God and “why” I believed it. I bought into a lot of religious teaching that I knew in my “knower” just didn’t line up with this God of Love that I had come to know. It was as if God had been given a bad name, as if His character had been slandered, as if He was always getting the blame for all the wrong in the world. I won’t go into specifics because some people hold very tightly to their perceptions of God and my goal is not to bring division but rather FREEDOM. My hope is that you will begin to ask questions, that you will begin the process of removing those old glasses that you can’t see through clearly and that you will put on the glasses of love. You will begin to see not only your perfect, loving Father like you have never seen Him before but you will see yourself and others through the lenses of love instead of judgement, condemnation and shame. My hope for you is an AWAKENING that He has already indeed made ALL things new! YOU are loved and accepted just as you are! You don’t earn His love, He freely gives it! YOU are His beloved child! HAPPY SUNDAY!❤️


Sunday Sheep Pondering – September 6, 2015

Do you ever feel as though your feelings and your faith are at war? The older I get and the more life I experience, I am learning that both faith and feelings are gifts from God. I used to think, for many years, that faith was something that I was responsible for. I thought if I studied my Bible more, prayed more, listened to more teaching, that I would finally have the faith I needed to move mountains. What I have realized is that faith is a GIFT and it is a gift we have all been given! The problem is not having enough faith, the problem is not realizing that we already have the measure of faith that we need. And then there are our dreaded feelings… those things that we are not supposed to be driven by or listen to because they are at war with faith. I am also learning that those feelings are indeed a GIFT as well! A GIFT that saves us from a life void of purpose, abundance and well…fun! Oh yes, I know there are other emotions that we experience that neither feel fun or abundant but those very emotions make us more grateful for the joy, happiness and peace! It’s been a hard week…one full of emergency surgery, wayward sons and physical exhaustion. There were times when I caught myself thinking, “If I had more faith, I wouldn’t feel this way”…but the TRUTH is I do have faith because Jesus has already given it to me AND I do have feelings because He gave me those too! Faith and Feelings are BOTH a part of who I am and it’s ok to fully accept both as part of my journey through my time on this earth. Let yourself off the hook and KNOW that you are a beautiful child of the most loving God! He created you to feel deeply AND trust fully…both at the same time! The war is over and HE won! Let go of trying to do it yourself and rest in the victory HE accomplished for you! IT IS FINISHED!!!


Sunday Sheep Pondering – August 30, 2015

“As the sun breaks through the morning mist, the vapors of time, of our attempts to know God within this temporal realm, The vapors of time disperse when the eternal One appeared in our midst. Our philosophies and religious guesses were meaningless words that remained words. But as the silence of night is broken by the singing birds and the morning sounds, the silence of our many words were broken when reality himself spoke in the language of flesh, in the person of Jesus Christ. The very fabric of our space/time was torn as He ripped the veil of our confusion and shame. The blindingly beautiful clarity of light pierced our darkness. He came and gave us understanding that we may know Him who is true and discover ourselves in Him.” Excerpt from a teaching by Andre Rabe (Incarnation- Time and Eternity on YouTube) Go watch and fall in love with Jesus for the first time or all over again!


Sunday Sheep Pondering – August 23, 2015

Sunday’s are very restful on the Shady Grove and it is my favorite time of the week. No one has school or work or is in a rush. I linger in my bed and ponder…pondering is my favorite thing to do. This morning I have been pondering about “change”. I was thinking about the years our family of 7 spent rushing around on Sunday mornings trying to get ready and out the door for church. We would usually fight and yell at each other more on Sunday mornings than any other time of the week. We were so busy being “good Christians”…well, good as people define good but definitely not as God defined it. As the years have gone by…I have “changed”. I’ve gone from leading a group of 500 volunteers for 3 services at a mega church to sitting in my bed on Sunday morning pondering. Some would say this “change” is a step back, a step away from God…but how wrong they would be. You see after years of running around like a chicken with my head cut off…I am so at peace…I am so at rest…I am so full of His love…I am so in awe of His grace…I am so in love with people…I am so full of contentment…I am so the real me. I’ve put striving and people pleasing and performance and judgement and condemnation and guilt aside and I have picked up rest and acceptance and unconditional love and encouragement and forgiveness. Some religious people around me (even those I call friends) have put on their glasses of judgement and declared that I am no longer a “good christian” because I don’t check off all their man made boxes of performance. But for me…I love the “change” I see. I love God, myself and all people more than I ever dreamed possible and I think that is a good “change”.


Sunday Sheep Pondering – August 16, 2015

What do YOU have going on today? (Share below) Today I’m working on finishing up my dining room feature wall… I love the way it’s coming together! Whatever you are up to, just KNOW that God LOVES you so very much and since He sees the end from the beginning, there are no crazy expectations He has of you that you won’t meet …you can never let Him down or disappoint Him…He already knows everything you are going to do and say…all the good, the bad, the successes and the failures…His love is truly UNCONDITIONAL!!! Now go and live today FREE of guilt, condemnation and people pleasing😘 #HeIsOutsideOfTime#HeIsLove #HeChoseYou#StopPerformingAndJustBe


Sunday Sheep Pondering – August 9, 2015

The word “INTENTIONAL” has been rolling around in my heart this morning. I was thinking about being intentional with my time, my words, my thoughts, my money. Just as I was about to go down that “performance” road again in my mind, the Holy Spirit spoke and said….being intentional is not a “work” Wendy, it’s just a “choice”. You are going to talk today …just say words that are kind and uplifting. You are going to eat today…just eat things that make you feel good and not things that drag you down. You are going to think today…just think on my truth and not lies. You are going to spend money today…just spend it wisely. You are going to see people today…just slow down and really “see” them. You are going to watch tv today…watch things that bring you joy. You are going to care about things today…care about the things that are important. Hope each of us have a day of being beautifully “intentional”!


Sunday Sheep Pondering – August 2, 2015

HAPPY SUNDAY FRIENDS!!! I just woke up thinking you needed a little SHEEP love to brighten your day ❤️🐏❤️! This picture just reminds me so much of my 5 kids and their unique personalities….each so different but all so special! And then I see the LOVE of the Father in this Mama sheep’s eyes….the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE of each and all of His children (that’s YOU 🙋🏼)…exactly the way they are, quirks and all, they are HIS! He LOVES you friends, ALL of you, just the way you are….REST in that GOOD NEWS today and just let yourself BE-LOVED by the One who made you.

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