Before and After of the Shady Grove

I ran across some pictures of the Shady Grove as it looked when we first “knew” it was going to be our home.  It was a new construction but after the builder went into bankruptcy and the house sat in a state of disrepair for quite some time…it was a little rough around the edges.  No biggie….we chose to see the diamond in the rough!  Isn’t that what the Lord does with us?  Chooses to see the real us, the us we were created to be, the us that He fashioned and formed in our mother’s womb, the us that is made in His image.   The us that pain, offense, deception, tragedy, unfulfilled dreams, judgement and criticism has made us to look like is not the TRUE us!  You see, God said that imposter us died on the cross with Jesus, that we have been crucified with Christ…you see that imposter no longer exists…the new creation is all that He sees!  Now that’s good news!  We walk by faith and not by sight!  Sometimes you may “think” you look like the imposter but that is simply not who you are!

The changes to the Shady Grove didn’t happen overnight…so far it has taken 5 years.  You know the work that Jesus finished on the cross is complete…it just takes some time for us to realize the jewel that we are!  We are constantly awakening to the newness of life that we already have in Him!

So here we go with some before and after pics!

Here is the exterior BEFORE…


and here is the exterior AFTER!


As you walk in the front door, this was the BEFORE view…


and this is what you would see today!


Our dining room is over to the left and this is what it looked like BEFORE…


And here is our dining room AFTER!


Beside the dining room is our kitchen.  BEFORE you were not even able to see from one room to the other…


But AFTER we have a completely open concept!


Here is another kitchen BEFORE we removed the little pantry and knocked out the wall…


and AFTER!


This is our keeping room off the kitchen, BEFORE…


and here is the keeping room AFTER!  We built a new pantry along the left wall and it holds tons of stuff!


Here is the fireplace in the keeping room BEFORE…


and here it is AFTER we painted it the orange stone white!


The stone mantel BEFORE…


and the awesome reclaimed beam mantel AFTER!


Here is the entrance to the master bedroom BEFORE…


and the AFTER!  I’ll show you the master bedroom and bathroom another day, the bath is still under construction.


Here is our little breakfast room BEFORE…


and here it is AFTER!


and heading back into the family room, BEFORE…


and AFTER we knocked out another wall!


The stairs leading down to the Kid’s level, BEFORE…


and AFTER!


A view from the kitchen to the family room BEFORE… (actually there was no view because of a wall)


and the view from the kitchen into the family room AFTER!


One more BEFORE for the road…


and AFTER!


and a view of the covered porch BEFORE…


and the AFTER!


Thanks for taking the BEFORE and AFTER trip to the Shady Grove!  Y’all come back…things are ALWAYS changing!


21 thoughts on “Before and After of the Shady Grove

  1. You had incredible vision, it looked fine in the befores to me, I wouldn’t have known it could look so much better. I mean the structural changes , not just your lovely furnishings.

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  2. So beautiful! So glad that you mentioned it took you five years to get it all done. That is one thing I need to remember. It doesn’t happen overnight!! I enjoy making my house a home but at the same time I have to remember to be content. There is always a happy medium with everything in life! ❤️

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  3. WOW!!!! All this in five years – you guys are amazing!! I absolutely love your home and your decor style. I would so enjoy walking through the front door everyday – it is all so lovely. Painting your floor white (you are fearless!) really pulls it all together. Seeing your white breakfast table has helped me finally commit to painting my table all white instead of just the base. Love, love, love your home – thanks so much for sharing!!!

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  4. Gorgeous! I love your red and white colour scheme! It’s a very happy looking home, you have given it a whole new personality.
    I follow you on Instagram and I was very curious about your home, I thoroughly enjoy all of your photos, here and on Instagram.

    Liked by 1 person

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