Cape Cod / Martha’s Vineyard / Nantucket

Oh my goodness!  I have not blogged since June!!!  I had just planned to take the summer off and those 2 months turned into over 3!  For those of you who follow me, you are probable thinking “Life on the who???”

The hubs and I just returned from a wonderful trip to New England.  We were celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary a little early because December is just too cold to visit the Northeast.  We picked a perfect time of year to go because the weather was heavenly and the crowds were small.  I just wanted to share pictures of some of the beautiful sights we saw.

We started our trip in Hyannis, Cape Cod which we used as home base for a couple of days.  If you love all things “Kennedy” then you would love Hyannis.  We arrived at dinner time and found a quaint little restaurant on the water and my love affair began.  It was exactly what I pictured life on the Cape to be; lighthouses, fishing wharfs, beautiful boats and lots of seafood.


Dinner view in Hyannis


One of the beaches on the far east end of Cape Cod


Our first full day was spent on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.  We took a one hour ferry ride over and enjoyed perfect weather and great views from the upper deck.  We arrived into Vineyard Haven where we purchased an $8 bus ticket.  MV has a great bus system that takes you to any part of the island and is great way to see the island on a budget.  We had breakfast in Vineyard Haven and walked the cute streets for a while.

We hopped on the bus and headed to Edgartown, a village where most of the old ship captain’s homes reside.  We stepped off the bus onto charming cobblestone streets and it kept getting better and better!  The homes were beautiful and stately and so well preserved.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from this charming little town.

IMG_5422 IMG_5414 IMG_5420 IMG_5408
IMG_5419 IMG_5411 IMG_5409 IMG_5424 IMG_5418 IMG_5412 IMG_5421

We then headed over to the Oak Bluffs area of MV.  It seems to be more of an artsy and eclectic town and the architecture was so different from Edgartown.  Almost every home and business had a Victorian flare.  Each home had such amazing gingerbread trim work.

IMG_5430 IMG_5428 IMG_5427 IMG_5429


We then headed over for two nights on the island of Nantucket.  WOW!!!  That’s what I kept saying!  I felt like I had found a long lost village from a dream!  EVERYTHING about Nantucket was pure charm!  The cobblestone roads, the lighthouses, the quaint shops, the wharfs full of beautiful boats, the lanterns, the window boxes full of flowers, the GORGEOUS hydrangeas and weathered grey shaker shingles galore!  The island has strict architectural standards to keep the charm and integrity of the island and boy, does it work!  If you ever have a chance to visit this swoonworthy, charming and friendly island…..jump on it!!!  Nantucket was by far my most favorite part of our trip and we are already planning our next trip!

IMG_5378 IMG_5380 IMG_5381 IMG_5382 IMG_5376 IMG_5402 IMG_5383 IMG_5389 IMG_5385 IMG_5398 IMG_5401 IMG_5395 IMG_5399 IMG_5403 IMG_5396 IMG_5375 IMG_5387 IMG_5386 IMG_5390 IMG_5374 IMG_5392 IMG_5397 IMG_5377 IMG_5388

It was a wonderful trip and we are so thankful to have the opportunity to visit.  Have a blessed day and do your marriage a favor…plan a getaway soon!


Until next time (and hopefully that will be soon), I leave you with a breathtaking sunset from Old Silver Beach, Cape Cod.

9 thoughts on “Cape Cod / Martha’s Vineyard / Nantucket

  1. Beautiful pictures, lovely home! When were you in Nantucket? My daughter got married on July 4 and honeymooned there, it’s a precious story that I’d love to share with a fellowsheep one day! Thank you for sharing!

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