Vignettes and Friendships…

In the sweet little Instagram community that I am a part of, we post a lot of “vignettes”.  I love this definition I found for “vignette” – a brief but powerful scene. A good vignette leaves you wanting more.  Today, I want to write about vignettes and friendships.  I don’t know how this is going to turn out but the Holy Spirit deposited it in my heart this morning, so here goes!

Sometimes we create “vignettes” that stay the same for a long time.  Sometimes we create “vignettes” that change with each of the holiday seasons.  Sometimes we create “vignettes” for a special occasion or celebration.  Some items in our “vignettes” are old, some are new, some are passed down from family, some are received as gifts from friends, some are just little treasures that we stumbled upon that we had an instant connection with.  Some items in our “vignettes” remind us of something or someone special and some have no sentimental meaning….we just like them!

So aren’t friendships like vignettes in many ways?  We have friends in our lives that have been around  for a long time, they are consistent, dependable…solid.  They are the kind of friends that we might not see or talk with for long periods of time but they are there for us and we are there for them…no questions asked, no judging, just unconditional love.  We just pick up where we left off last time we visited.  We all need some of those friends in our lives.  I have several of those and I even named my daughter after one.

Some friendships are in our lives for seasons.  These are friends that are like little gifts the Lord sends to meet a need we may have in our life.  We may need someone fun to sit with at the kid’s ball practice, or someone to hang out with while your husband is traveling a lot for work, or maybe someone who loves to encourage people at just the time you need encouragement.  These friends might not be around for a long period of time, just a season, but they are important and you love them and are so thankful for the time you had with them.

Then there are friends that are just friends because you like each other!  We enjoy the same things, have a similar view on life, similar passions….we just have a “connection”.  These are people that you feel like you have always known.  These friendships are the “easy ” ones.  These friendships are fun and life giving.

So these are all things that we already know.  The question for us is…what kind of friend are you?

– Are you consistent?  Are you solid?  Are you in for the good times and the bad?

-Are you a gift sent into someone’s life for a season and a reason?

-Are you a fun, easy, life giving friend?

I think the answer for all of us is “yes” to all of these questions.  Some people need us to be in for the long haul, through the valleys and mountaintops…they need us to put our own feelings and needs aside and be present with them.  Some people just need us for a season…we get to be the gift the Lord uses to meet one of His kid’s needs.  And some people just need us to be ourselves because they need to feel accepted and loved just the way they are.

If we realize that all friendships are important but all are different, it allows us to lower our expectations of people.  We let them off the hook. We look for what we can give instead of what we can get.  We just pour ourselves out and trust our sweet Father to do what only He can do…bring comfort, bring peace, bring wisdom and bring joy … through us!


The sheep is from a sweet Instagram friend and the pillow just makes me smile.  I had to mix in a rusty antique watering can because I love to mix old and new.

I just fell in love with this old rusty car, probably because it takes me back to the days when my four boys loved to play with cars.  I am a sucker for sheep and goats, so this vignette really makes me smile.


  Another mixture of old and new.  This antique baby scale houses some of my Nana’s old linens and some cute new ones I bought at Homegoods.

You can even create vignettes outside.  I have mixed an antique bucket with a cute little wheelbarrow from Pottery Barn.


This vignette was created at the end of winter and the beginning of spring.  I was so ready for something bright and cheery so I added some bright yellow and some lemons.

This vignette is on the ottoman in my family room.  I wanted it full of things that make me feel at home.  Antique scales, my grandmother’s handmade doily, some encouraging words and of course…a cute sheep.

  This was a standing shelf that we altered to hang on our wall.  It looked really dwarf on the floor with our 10 foot ceilings.  I filled it with pictures of my grandparents, my favorite red scale, sheep and other treasures.

I created a vignette of tall chunky candlesticks on the mantle in my family room.  The different colors and shapes look great together.


It’s fun to create vignettes on walls too.  I mixed an antique ladder with new “D” and tied them all together with the theme of “being loved” so my family will see it every time they pass by.


I created an all white vignette in this antique china cabinet.  It is filled with old and new white dishes.  

It’s fun to create a dinner vignette for special meals.  This one includes layering dishes, a little candlelight and antique linens for napkins.


This cute vignette is in one of my favorite boxes, filled with favorite pillows and my sweet “little man”.


A simple antique scale mixed with an antique pitcher and some bright lemons.


On the island in my kitchen I have some great antiques mixed with some cute new finds.


On my kitchen counter, I created a vignette with this large postal scale, a silver tray, an new ladder made out of old wood, a fun lantern and of course….another sheep.

This vignette is a reproduction wooden barrel basket with a quilt square my Nana made but never made into a quilt.


I always create a small vignette by the front door based on the current holiday season.  I try to keep it simple so we still have room for people to drop their keys, umbrellas and other items.


This vignette was created on our screen porch.  Just some simple mason jars, colorful straws and an old coke crate.


This was my first scale and it started a long and continuing obsession.  I love to mix bright colors together with white backgrounds.


Hope you enjoyed some of my vignettes and here’s to being a good friend to those He brings into your life.  Happy 4th of July from the Shady Grove.


6 thoughts on “Vignettes and Friendships…

  1. Hi Wendy
    I just love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful home! I love that framed picture of the goats where did you get that if you don’t mind me asking? Your vignettes are so pretty I love scales too! You have a wonderful knack for writing it makes me feel so peaceful when I read your posts. Thank you!


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