Screened Porches and Real Rest…

It’s time to blog about my most recent #salvageswagger project.  This is an Instagram contest in which we (a group of bloggers), encourage people to repurpose something not so great into something great, for under $20. We pick a winner each Thursday.  Last time around I made a big sign for my front porch and then my back porch started the whining…”what about me?”.   So in order to shut him up, I did something for him this time around.  Now to be fair to my back porch, he is the best thing going around here.  We have been in this home for five years and have only occasionally enjoyed our little covered back porch because of mosquitos and flies.  This spring we bit the bullet and had the porch screened in, much to my hubby’s delight!  I will say, it is one of the best investments we have made in this home.  The screened porch has become our place of REST.  We love to just sit out there!  We talk, sleep, and share a glass of wine.  It is a quiet place to rest, relax, and unplug.


So as usual, the Lord begins to speak through the quietness of the screened porch. REST…that is a word that I believe is often misunderstood, as it relates to our walk with the Lord.  I used to think REST meant to take a break, stop serving, sit quietly.  I guess all of that is true, but I think it goes so much deeper. I’m learning (yes, I am slow learner) that the REAL REST the Lord calls us to is a rest from striving.  This REST is allowing yourself to let go of trying to please people, to live up to expectations, but above all…letting go of trying to be a “good Christian”.  We’ve been taught all our lives from all kinds of well meaning people, that “good Christians” do this, don’t do that, read this, don’t read that, watch this, don’t watch that, stand up for this and stand up against that, hang around with these, don’t hang around with those….it’s enough to drive a person crazy trying to be all they say we are supposed to be!  I’ve spent the last 4-5 years learning from the Holy Spirit what it means to take a REAL REST.  I can not tell you how it has transformed my life and my thinking.

 I am FREE!!!

I challenge you to stop striving and start resting.  I challenge you to ask yourself…”am I doing this because people say I should?”, “am I doing this because I feel pressured to?” or… “am I doing this because the Lord has put a passion in my heart for this?”

He loves you and accepts you just as you are!  He just wants to share life with you, to talk to you, to hold you when you hurt, to dance with you when you celebrate, to feed you when you are hungry, and to give you life giving water when you thirst. He doesn’t need a thing from you, He just wants to share Himself with you.  You can not make Him love you any more or any less by anything you say or do!  He fully and perfectly loves you because you are IN CHRIST and the Father unconditionally loves the Son.  Another opportunity for you and I to trade trash for some real treasure!

Here is my newest #salvageswagger project!

I started off with this $15 old (???). I actually don’t even know what this originally was!  It has a metal frame and some red rubber type netting on it.


I transformed it into a great little shelf for the screened porch! We simply wove some rope through the sides and tied it up through two eye hooks on the ceiling!  So simple!  Total cost for shelf $18.


I also made most of the signs you see.  I used some pieces of scrap lumber and some stencils to make some easy signs to fill the wall around the shelf.  I did buy the cute “relax” sign from my fellow blogger, Jennifer @thewillowfarmhouse.  Total cost for all wall art $40.


I distressed and stained some dumpster dive shutters to hang over each of the four windows on the porch.  Cost $0.


These tall, wide neck Ball mason jars are our everyday drinking glasses.  So cheap and if they break, you just go to wal-mart and get some more!  Found these cute gingham straws at Homegoods for $5 for a box of 40.


Our porch isn’t very large but we have a little area to share breakfast in the cool of the morning.  The tray actually lifts off the stand and can be used on the porch swing.


We are not the only ones who enjoy the screened porch!  You can find a pup or two, or three or four, lounging out there, scouting for birds and squirrels and catching a few z’s.



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photo by my future daughter-in-love:


13 thoughts on “Screened Porches and Real Rest…

  1. Oh Wendy. I think we would totally enjoy hours and hours of coffee together in real life! Love you style, and your eye, but mostly your heart. The project turned out smashingly! Thanks for sharing you. xoxo

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  2. I found your blog by way of Southern Hospitality’s Feature Friday. I love your home, the whites and reds are so beautiful. What I’m dying to know is where you got that pillow on your porch swing? I love it!!

    Liked by 1 person

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