Life on the Shady Grove Home Tour

Our home was recently featured on so I thought I would share the tour here as well!

  Welcome to our Life on the Shady Grove…come on in and visit for awhile and I will tell you all about our “pretend” old, white farmhouse.2015-05-27_0001   We purchased our home in 2010 as a foreclosure.  The Lord knew the desires of our heart and He blessed us in ways that we could not have imagined.  Every time I pull in the driveway, or walk in the front door, I thank Him all over again!2015-05-27_0002 The right side of the house was always a little dark at night so we added this cute barn light over the front bedroom.  I love the way it lights up the window box at night and it gives some farmhouse charm too.  We also removed the shutters and changed the muntins on the windows to reflect a true farmhouse style.  We chose Sherwin Williams “Roman Column” for the exterior color because it was a nice, soft, warm white. 2015-05-27_0003     This home was not always white, it was green and brown actually, but my dream is to live in a white farmhouse.  So, we can began the process of transforming this foreclosure into the custom built home of our dreams.  The hubs didn’t quite catch the vision at first but night after night of brainwashing as he slept, finally worked.  We have made a few trips to Europe and I fell in love with all the beautiful window boxes!  Since I can’t afford a vacation home there, I brought the window boxes here!2015-05-27_0004   I used the shutters we removed when we painted the house and made the LARGE sign that hangs on our front porch.  The hub’s reaction: “that is BIG!”  I say go big or go home ….am I right?  I also added lots of pops of red to the exterior because it is my favorite color….well, besides white of course.  Copy of IMG_1536   This is our five pound guard dog, Andy. His bark is way worse than his bite but I wouldn’t take a chance if I were you!IMG_9268   We replaced our front doors when we painted the house because we really wanted a stained finish and our old ones were painted.   Ok, the truth is….I tried to strip the paint off the old door and it was an epic DIY failure. So… we HAD to buy new doors.  Best failure I ever had.2015-05-27_0006 So this is what you see when you walk through the front doors…did I mention that I love red and white?  We knocked down some walls and added some beaded board to the ceilings.  Everyone always asks about the floors!  That project took me a month on my hands and knees but I am so happy with the results. Because the house was sitting empty for so long, the hardwood floors were not in the best condition. I tried to “fix” them myself but only made things worse.  Then it hit me: I love painted floors like all the cottages in Europe, here is my chance! Three coats of Annie Sloan Old White Paint, two coats of Annie Sloan Floor Lacquer, a little distressing and we were good to go!  And the great news is, the more scuffed or “distressed” they get, the better!  (At least that’s what I tell myself.)2015-05-27_0017 As you walk in the front doors and look to the right you will see the open stairs that lead to the “terrace level” or what we used to call “the basement”.  That is where two of my teenage boy’s bedrooms  (you don’t want to see!), a bathroom, game room, and a full apartment are located. That will be a tour for another day…after they move out and I take over!

 We have very few walls in our home so I wanted to take advantage of this one.  We added two wood beam shelves that house my kid’s senior pictures along with little trinkets that represent their personalities.  It is a challenge to dust up there so I use my leaf blower (ha).  The very tall ladder to the left holds many of my Nana’s beautiful quilts.  The door to the right is my teenage daughter’s room and I can’t let you in there either!2015-05-27_0007   When you come in the front doors you will find our dining room to the left.  This table can accommodate ten but since our family is already at nine, and growing rapidly, we may have to come up with another option.  I have always wanted a family gallery wall and this is literally the only wall I had available.  Several people have asked about how I arranged all the pictures…to be honest, I just started hammering and then it was done.2015-05-27_0008

This is the very first piece of furniture my hubby and I bought together…27 years ago!  It has made it’s home in bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, family rooms and now it has a home, front and center, in our dining room.  I gave it a facelift last year with some chalk paint …after all, most of us need a little “help” as we age.  2015-05-27_0009

Here is our formal dining room.  I say that with smirk on my face because NOTHING we do is formal!  With five teenage/adult kids and five dogs, everything is loud, fun, and a little dysfunctional.  2015-05-27_0010

The sewing basket belonged to my precious Nana who passed away last year.  She was a master quilter, professional seamstress, and beautiful southern belle.  The doilies are some of her handmade treasures.  2015-05-27_0012

Instead of traditional napkins, try using vintage dishcloths, handkerchiefs and other other fun linens.  I just tied mine up with red and white kitchen twine for kicks.2015-05-27_0014   2015-05-27_0013

This is the view from the dining room into the kitchen.  I bring this sweet little bench over to the dining room table for extra seating when we have everyone over.  2015-05-27_0015

I use this desk to set up seasonal vignettes.  I always try to find some “clever” quote for the chalkboard but I’m the only one around here that actually reads it.  I use the cute baby scale to store vintage linens.  2015-05-27_0018

Here is our great room.  With a large family, we needed two full size sofas and extra chairs.  Of course they are slip covered….remember, five kids, five dogs!  2015-05-27_0019

The fireplace is one our most “accidentally” successful DIY projects!  The hubs and I were antique shopping and I had mentioned I wanted to do something above the fireplace one day.  We ran across these old shutters and some old tongue and groove boards… within an hour we were transforming!  I love the way it turned out. Wish all of our projects worked that way!2015-05-27_0020

If you can’t tell, I’m kind of a symmetrical person.  I tried to be all “loosey goosey” and “free spirited” but I just can’t.  I had this 5×5 foot ottoman built so it would line up centered on both sofas.  I absolutely love the sign above the media hutch…a constant reminder of His love and grace.IMG_9423

I collect old jars and bottles that I display in the small cubbies around the television.  My favorite is this bottle of “healing oil”…that stuff has been in there since 1929!2015-05-27_0021 2015-05-27_0022 2015-05-27_0024

Here is our breakfast room off the kitchen.  I love the symmetry of this room and the view out to the pasture where the sheep live.  2015-05-27_0033

We have a great little screened porch off the breakfast room.  I really consider this my hubby’s room because he would live out here if he could.  I have to admit, there is nothing better than a cool evening swinging on the bed and listening to the wind chimes sing. 2015-05-27_0035 2015-05-27_0034 2015-05-27_0036 2015-05-27_0037

This is our keeping room off the kitchen.  We added a large built in pantry along one wall to hide all our junk!  The stone around the fireplace was really ugly (like orange colored fake rock ugly) so we had it sprayed the same color as the walls and now it is one of my favorite features!  Paint is the cheapest and biggest “bang for your buck”!  Great for immediate gratification people like me.2015-05-27_0028

This cute little desk is a recent purchase.  You are not going to believe what I paid for it…$100!!!  Didn’t have to do a thing to it and it is one of my favorite pieces!  2015-05-27_0027


Here is our kitchen.  When we moved in, it had walls, brown cabinets and brown granite.  It was actually beautiful but not for a “light” loving girl like myself.  We painted the cabinets, the tile backsplash and added a cute little farmhouse table as our island.  One day I will replace the granite…when the budget allows.
Copy of IMG_0716


Last year, we decided to use some of the wasted space in our basement and create an apartment for people who may need a place to live.  We moved some of our kitchen cabinets down to that kitchen and of course we HAD to replace them with something.  Why not something beautiful? We had this large hutch built to look like a piece of stand alone furniture instead of standard kitchen cabinets.  I painted it with a mixture of Annie Sloan paint colors and finished with a dark wax to antique it.


Here is our master bedroom.  It is not a huge room but we had to make a little place to “get away” from all the other people in our house.  We love to just turn on some Netflix and pretend we are empty nesters.  Fun little facts: the painting of the little girl was over my crib when I was a baby and the garden painting was done by my mom. I used to play with the cute antique lamp at my Nana’s house when I was a little girl.   2015-05-27_0031


These are my grandpups!  Aren’t they they cutest?  They spend most days at “Grammy Daycare” and I love it!IMG_1044

Here is my crew!  They make Life on the Shady Grove the best life I could ask for!  My Heavenly Father has poured out blessings so full that I can’t hold them all.  Our life is far from perfect but it is the perfect life for me.2015-03-31_0007Thanks for visiting the Shady Grove…y’all come back anytime!

18 thoughts on “Life on the Shady Grove Home Tour

  1. Wendy, your house really makes me smile. You and I both red lovers living in a neutral world, girl!!
    When I look at something with red in it, it feels good to me. Have I said this to you already? Probably but it’s true. I just bought the cutest top with little red flowers on it and it just thrilled me. I think our brains must be wired to like certain things.

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