House Graffiti and the Power of Words…

My kids have a term for all the words around our home… Words on the walls, words on pillows, words in a frame … Words everywhere, they call it

“House Graffiti”

 As with the other blog posts I’ve written, the Lord just highlights something in my home and unfolds His truth through them…I’m guessing much like the parables Jesus taught with.  He created me and knows full well that I am a visual learner.

Proverbs 18:21 says, “Words kill, words GIVE LIFE;

 they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.”  

This small verse is a powerful two sided coin.  On the one hand, we are given a warning that the hurtful and negative things that come out of our mouths can indeed cause us and others destruction.  The flip side of this coin is what I’m led to focus on…the words that GIVE LIFE!    

I’m not sure we realize the power we have available to us!   I’m talking about the power we have in our every day conversations…

Power to heal a hurting heart, 

Power to turn a tear into a laugh,

Power to bring hope to the hopeless, 

Power to replace lies with truth,

Power to encourage the downtrodden, 

Power to speak peace to the storm, 

Power to pull someone out of the pit, 

Power to turn a frown upside down,

Power to offer acceptance instead of judgement,

Power to change the course of someone’s life…


Speaking words of life doesn’t cost us a thing!  Let’s be generous with our compliments, generous with our encouragement, generous with our “likes” on social media, generous with our smiles, generous with our wisdom and above all …generous with the good news of Jesus! 

You are a house for the spirit of God, what does your “House Graffiti” say? A question I need to put before my heart everyday.














  Until next time. lets use the power we have been given to GIVE LIFE!sheeeeep

17 thoughts on “House Graffiti and the Power of Words…

  1. Another one of my favorite posts! Ugh, you are so darn good at this! I’m, not so secretly, coveting that “be still and know” pillow!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alice – you are simply awesome! My blog is so amateur but you pretend it’s not 😉. Don’t you love that pillow?! It came from -they give 15% to charity – beautiful stuff, I got my Narnia sign there too 👍🏻. Just ate some of my awesome chocolate you sent…now headed to dreamland 😀


  2. Good Morning Wendy ~
    All your words are perfect, especially when children are growing up ~ Little do you know, but seeing those words every day will make them the people they grow up to be.
    My husband would always repeat some words his Mom would always say to our girls ~
    One of the words he would say all the time was “Never Compare” those words will remain in our girls heart forever. I know they will pass those words onto their children one day.
    This is a great thing you are doing…
    Have a peaceful day.
    Much love,

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  3. Hi Wendy! We have signs and words around our house too. In fact, I never really thought about it until a friend pointed it out to me. A little inspiration and comfort around the house is a wonderful thing.

    Can you please tell me about the drapery fabric in the dining area? Love it! I’d like to have some pillows from that fabric.


    1. Stacey-

      I purchased it several years ago and don’t remember the name. I actually have some pillow covers out of it that I am not using (4). I’d be happy to pass them along to you. Just email me your address!



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