Glass Jars and Transparency…

I love collecting old glass jars….different colors, shapes and styles…some are clearly labeled for their intended purpose and some take some delving to figure out what they are used for.  These jars remind me of the people in my life in so many ways…

some old, some new

some tall, some short

some wide, some narrow

some curvy, some straight

some colorful, some clear

some open, some closed

some sparkly, some dull

some with big mouths, some with small

some pour out, some bottle up…

but all intended to be transparent….

Last year, the Lord began speaking to me about opening my home for women to meet together…a place for Him to have His way and a time set aside for His purposes.  I wish I could say that I eagerly agreed, but I wrestled, questioned and stuck my fingers in my ears.  He gently and lovingly led me to His perfect path and I began to slowly take steps in the direction He was leading.

Last fall, “Sanctuary”, was birthed…  “Sanctuary” was what He called it…  

Our Monday nights together have become a beautiful time of transparency…a time where we let the walls down, pour our hearts out, replace lies with truth, hold each other up and pick up those who fall down.  The only reason this works is transparency…we are all so different on the outside, different talents and giftings, different personalities, different stages of life, different hobbies, different passions, but the one thing we have in common is a trust and reliance on Jesus, and that bonds us together in a miraculous way.  How I wish each of you could join us here in my family room!!!  Since you can’t….ask the Lord if He wants to create a “Sanctuary” in your home…I promise you won’t be sorry.

For now…be transparent with those He brings into your path…everyone has “stuff” and everyone needs to know they are not alone with their “stuff”…show them that they don’t have to carry it alone.  Your vulnerability and transparency will give them the freedom to be real.. and to begin to lay down all the things that weigh them down…expectations, condemnation, people-pleasing, perfectionism, depression, failures, abuse, hopelessness, fear and …on and on the list goes.

Be the beautiful and unique jar that He made you to be….let Him fill you up and then be amazed as He pours out His love into all the jars around you…just be you.

This “Healing Oil” jar is one of my very favorite for so many reasons…

This jar of buttons is very special to our family.  My Nana, who passed away last September, had a huge jar of buttons that all of us played with as little kids…we would pour them out on the quilt and just play and play.  We divided the buttons up so each of us have a little piece of those memories to keep in our homes.  

All different shapes, colors and sizes…  

Well, you knew I couldn’t have a blog entry without sheep!  


Until next time…Here’s to sharing all that I am with all that I meet

in this life on the shady grove.


11 thoughts on “Glass Jars and Transparency…

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!! I so enjoy your writings Wendy. So clever and wise. I have a special fondness for jars as well and love your photos of those lovely jars.


  2. Such a beautiful post! You have an incredible talent for writing. I love all the jars ~ I sorta have a “thing” for them too. 🙂 If you don’t mind, and if you have some time, I’d love to know more about your Sanctuary group. I’ve had those urgings too but no idea how to start. I think you can see my email addy.

    Have a wonderful week!


  3. LOVE LOVE your blog! Especially that gallery wall that won on project vingette (congrats by the way)!! I was wondering if you could do a post about how it came together? Or have you done one I could reference back to? Great great job honey!!! You have an amazing eye!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What lovely and heartfelt writing you have so gracefully shared with your readers. I will now most certainly look at bottles in different light, not just as a container, but as a symbol of our uniqueness.

    Liked by 1 person

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