A New Desk and Promises…

I’m sitting at my new desk that I scored yesterday for only $100!  I absolutely love it!  The truth is, that desk find was the highlight of my day yesterday because the rest of it didn’t go so well.  Parenting adult kids, (“adult” according to our country’s legal definition), is a real challenge!  This is my fourth time at this rodeo and you would think I would have this down, but boy am I still learning.

So back to my awesome new desk!  It has this large storage compartment, a neat freak’s dream, so I can store (hide) all my paper junk.  As I was looking at that empty space this morning , I began to think on the promises of God…

Do you ever feel like you shove the promises of God away in a desk drawer somewhere and forget about them?  Does all the clutter of life get piled on top and you forget they are there?  In these challenges I’m facing today, I am realizing that they feel so heavy because I’ve lost sight of His promises!

Today, I’m pulling those promises back out of the drawer and placing them on the display part of my desk!  Front and Center!  Never out of my sight!

How about you?  Are there some promises you need to bring out of hiding?

Let’s do this!


My new “make me giddy” desk

 My big storage drawer that my Promises WON’T get lost in!

 My promises will be displayed front and center here!


Promises spoken over my kids that have and will come to pass


Until next time…I’ll be trying to keep His promises in focus as I walk through this Life on the Shady Grove…won’t you join me?


10 thoughts on “A New Desk and Promises…

  1. Beautiful desk. And timely reminder of keeping His promises in front of our eyes. While I am getting those promises out, I better get His love notes front and center, too.

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  2. Ann Voscamp said once that we think our ‘labor’ is over when our baby is born, but in reality a mother’s labor and delivery never ends and you never stop having to remember to breathe. Breathe in, “Lord, I receive what you give.” Breathe out, “Lord, I give thanks for what you give.” I’m praying for you . . . and I’m really glad you started the blog.

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  3. I admire you tremendously as you work through the issues of a 4th “adult”. 🙂 I had 2 children, son and a daughter, and there have really, really been some trying times. We do need to lean on our Lord and allow Him to lead, guide and direct us.

    Your desk is so pretty and I love that large drawer. You have some beautiful treasures displayed.

    Thanks again for a beautiful post and reminder!


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