Antique Scales and Love…

Life on the Shady Grove is absolutely beautiful today…sunny and a perfect 70 degrees.  I am sitting out on the screened porch with my hubby and the pups as I type this.  The birds are chirping, the breeze is blowing and the sheep are so talkative today…everyone knows it’s spring!

Whenever I am antique shopping, I tend to gravitate to the same things over and over and antique scales are one thing I just can’t resist.  I’m not really sure why…I guess I like the different faces, sizes, shapes, colors and the older the patina, the better!  I try to imagine the women who used the scales and I wonder… Were they happy with their life? Did they like to cook or hate to cook like me?  Did they have kids?  Were they in love?  Did they know the same Jesus I know?  Our lives probably weren’t really that different…after all, people need the same things now that they always have, to love and be loved.

As I get older, I realize just how important it is to love…I don’t mean just loving those who love me…I mean being a vessel of His love to all those I meet in this life – those I agree with and those I don’t, those who are kind and those who are not, those who love me and those who don’t.   I have far to go…but I’m not where I was and that means I am headed in the right direction.

You know Jesus is perfect theology and when He was asked what the greatest commandment was, He replied…

Love the Lord your God with everything that you are 


Love your neighbor as yourself

…so I ask myself this question often and now I will pose it to you…

Are you loving well today? 

Here are some of the antique scales in my collection…enjoy!





Until next time…Here’s to loving well,

all those that share my life on the shady grove


16 thoughts on “Antique Scales and Love…

  1. In ancient times, the value or quantity of a thing was determined by weighing it on scales. In fact, people bought and sold items by weight or measure rather than by our currency-based system. For instance, the shekel was not originally a unit of money but of weight according to which the price and quantity of things were determined. As such, scales were common marketplace items, and God demanded they be used justly (Leviticus 19:36; Proverbs 11:1; 16:11; Amos 8:4-10; Matthew 7:2). Interestingly, because scales are easily manipulated, they can also be a symbol of fraudulent exaction and oppression, as Hosea 12:7
    Perhaps you are drawn to them because it speaks of your gift of being a watch man who weighs the intentions of people’s hearts to expose deception and oppression and bring freedom. You definitely have a unique way of seeing the potential of a thing before it is so. 🙂 Love the post!

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  2. Enjoyed the sheep and scales. Adored the puppy. You are a very wise woman. Love, without we are nothing. And I find I need more of it each day.


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