My People…

 The Durnwald Clan

Nathan (21), Mary Grace (18), Luke (20), Me, Jeff,

Daniel (16), Bryanna (24), Christian (23)

I’ll save the pups for another day

I was a senior at The University of Georgia when a friend of mine asked me to go on a blind date with her boyfriend’s brother.  I reluctantly agreed, had a couple of glasses of wine and then it happened…I met my husband, Jeff.  I couldn’t resist his kind heart and his great sense of humor, so five months later we were engaged.  We were married a year after we met and we have been married 25 years…Best decision I ever made.


***My love and my best friend***

I always thought I would be a mom but I never dreamed I would be blessed with five children.   A year after we were married we found out we were having our first child.

Christian Paul was born in 1991 and the adventure began.  He was the best baby and has grown into an amazing young man.  He is a great athlete and very smart.  He is very logical (math major) but has such a fun sense of humor.  He is a great role model to his younger siblings and very protective over those he loves.

Two years later, Nathaniel Robert arrived with a bang!  He came too quickly for an epidural and was such a beautiful baby.  He has been entertaining us since he was born and making us laugh all the time.  He is an amazingly talented musician (electric guitar) and graphic designer.  He is a deep thinker like his mom and has such an independent spirit.

Eighteen months later, Luke Wilson (Luke-a-Bear), arrived and the room lit up.  That boy constantly grinned ear to ear and had dimples to die for.  He has always been the peacemaker in the family and such a wise young man.  He is a great listener and could make friends with a wall.

Mary Grace arrived two years later and we finally had our beloved baby girl.  She stole our hearts at her first breath and nothing has changed.  She is a stunningly beautiful young woman yet so silly and fun like her dad.  Her creativity allows her to make beauty wherever she goes.  She is a very perceptive and loyal young woman.

Last but obviously not least, Daniel James (D-B0), arrived in our lives.  There is something special about  the baby…you hug a little tighter, nurse a little longer, and stare a little deeper.  You know that they grow so fast so you want to freeze time.  D-Bo is a delightful young man.  He is kind, respectful and so smart.  He is an amazing point guard and athlete.  Despite being the youngest of five, he is extremely independent and mature.  He knows what he wants and he goes after it.

In 2013, Christian married Bryanna.  Boy did he marry up and I gained the most wonderful daughter-in-love.


***My oldest, Christian, and his beautiful wife, Bryanna***

In January of this year, Luke asked Nicole to be his wife.  Fortunately for us, she said yes.  We are so excited to have her join this crazy family and are so thankful that she is in our lives.


***My middle son, Luke, and his beautiful fiance, Nicole***

We are family and we love each other unconditionally.  We have plenty of disagreements but we have each other’s backs at all times.  I can’t think of anyone else I would rather be on this journey with and I can’t thank my heavenly Father enough for these gifts that he gave me.

 They have my heart.

***My sweet parents, Larry and Arlene***

FullSizeRender***Christmas Eve 2014***

***Sunset on the Shady Grove***


15 thoughts on “My People…

  1. Welcome to blogging, Wendy. I found you through Stacey and so glad I did. Wow, you have a beautiful family and I thought you were one of the kids! Now I’m going to go drool over your beautiful home!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are truly blessed! What a beautiful family ~ including your parents! I’ve always thought that having a large family would be so fun at Christmas & other holidays. My favorite aunt had 5 kids and I loved being at her house. She was the one that instilled the love of flowers I have. She loved her gardening and always had fresh flowers in her house. When I see or smell a gardenia, I think of her.

    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous home, family and dogs with us!

    Liked by 1 person

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