Better Late than Never…

As usual, I am late to the game.  I remember several years ago my computer nerd husband introduced me to the term “blog” and told me it was going to take off and people everywhere would be “blogging”.  I must confess, I said “that sounds stupid” and “why would anyone want to read someone else’s stuff?”.  Well, here I am eating my words (happens often) and I am officially becoming a “blogger”.  What will I “blog” about?  I’m not really sure but I think it will be about all the great, not so great, fun, not so fun, spiritual, not so spiritual, wise, and not so wise things that happen in my “life on the shady grove”. And of course, lots of pictures of things I find beautiful. So….here we go!

This is our home on the shady grove…Welcome!

We just had our home painted.  I have always dreamed of a white farm house so I am trying to transform my house to my dream.  I just love how it turned out!  We used Sherwin Williams “Roman Column”.  It is a great warm white that is not too harsh.  It looks a little creamy in this pic but it is actually much whiter.IMG_9266

I love to use old metal buckets and pots to plant my flowers…I cant seem to pass them up when I see a cute one!  Can’t have too many flowers.. right?IMG_9267

I love a front porch…it’s like a home’s way of saying “come on in, have some lemonade and stay a while…”IMG_9268

We just added new front doors and hardware.  Our previous doors were pretty but painted black.  I attempted to strip them but it was a total fail…now we have beautiful new doors.  They bring so much light into the house.


 We added a barn light over the window on this side of the house because it was so dark at night.  It gives the window box a nice glow.2015-03-31_0007These are my sheep.  Well, they aren’t really mine but they are in my backyard and I pretend they are mine.  My kids think I love the sheep more than them…they are sweet, kind and obedient to their shepherd…they could be right.


7 thoughts on “Better Late than Never…

  1. Wendy, I’m so happy you decided to blog. I recently discovered you on Instagram and have been hoping every day for a little peek of you lovely home you’ve created. I would love to feature you at my blog Poofing the Pillows. Come by and visit me. Email if you are interested. 🙂

    Stacey Keeling


    1. Hi Stacey!

      Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words! This is ALL new to me …to the point I can’t find an email for you and I’m hoping you get this.

      I would love to be featured on your blog . What do you need from me???

      Have a blessed weekend!


  2. I would like to know more about your front doors. They are totally what I envision for mine. Did you have them custom made or go through a major retailer? Beautiful home!


    1. I actually got them at a local builder leftover type store … $700 for the 2 … Not a bad deal! I’m sure you can find them at a builder supply … Home Depot and Lowes did not have them. I used the provincial color stain 👍🏻. Hope you find some…they let in so much light!


  3. Hi Wendy. Our mutual family member, Carolyn Hrncir told me about your blog. I, too, am a writer and interested in starting a blog. My family and I live in the hill country of Texas and I’ve been thinking about it for quite awhile. I do everything from decorating, cooking, have an all natural skincare company, as well as have a small goat farm, make our own cheese, and recently received a certification in herbalism. I love your blog and am looking forward to starting this new venture, but not sure where to begin or how exactly to begin to make a supplementary income doing it. Since this a comment from 2015, I am not even sure you will see it. My email is and I would appreciate any information you could give or possibly point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance. Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine!

    Stacey Hurst

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